Having an old PC might bring with it a lot of problems. You will need to diagnose problems in your system frequently when you wouldn’t like to and if problems keep occurring in your PC then your system will give you signs that it needs some parts replacing or whether you need to get yourself a new PC from scratch.

The biggest indication that your PC gives you when it isn’t doing too well is when it gives off loud noises. Or a better explanation would be that it sounds like a jet engine. That would be a more apt description. Your PC sounding like a jet engine could be due to a number of ways. We shall be looking into those reasons along with the reasons on how you can fix these issues.

We will bring solutions for both desktop and laptop users so no need to worry if you use either of them. We are definitely going to help you get rid of the problem where your PC might sound like a jet engine because none of us likes it when this noise is made. While playing gaming it is recommended to use headphones but if your headphones are not loud enough then you should learn about different ways to Make Your Headphones Louder on PC.


Heating Up

Whenever you put a lot of workload on your PC, your PC begins to generate a large amount of heat and then the cooling fan makes even more effort to keep your PC cool. This often leads to your system making a lot of noise. The same situation goes for the GPU of desktops. With so much noise being made focusing on your work may be difficult.

The greater effort there is from the PC, the more the system will work to cool it down and hence the jet engine sound comes up. Make sure to give your PC the right amount of rest after you’re done working on it.

Blocked Vents

One of the biggest mistakes that people do is to not ventilate their desktop and computer properly. Keeping your desktop in a closed area or using your laptop on a surface where it isn’t able to get rid of heat properly results in them in making a jet engine noise.

Another reason this is so is because of not cleaning the fans and vents of your system. When these parts are not cleaned, the dust gets inside them which results in the massive jet engine sound as your fan tries to get rid of all the dust there is inside of it. Dust being clogged can cause other problems such as overheating along with performance issues. Your system needs cleaning frequently to avoid dust settlement.

Insufficient Cooling

The right cooling fan will do wonders for your PC. If you have e CPU of 125W TDP and you end up using a cooling fan that is suitable for a CPU of 95W TDP then your system won’t survive.

This is because the heat in your PC won’t be gotten rid of as much as it is being built up. It is important to make sure heat doesn’t get built up in your PC or else the jet engine sounds are going to be a common occurrence.

Loose Parts

Another reason that contributes to the jet-like sound of your system is when there are loose parts in your PC. When the parts of your PC are not joined together with the right connections then that could be a problem for your entire system. With loose parts, heat and dust could get in those areas where they’re not supposed to. Hence damaging our system.

Moving parts like fans can make a lot of noise and can contribute greatly to the jet engine noise. Which is why you need to make sure that your fan is fixed in the right place in your system.

Ways to Stop Your PC Making Jet Engine Noises

Avoid Heavy Usage

You know what your PC specifications are and you also know the things which you can use your PC for. This is why if there’s a task that is way beyond the capacity of your PC which you need to perform, don’t carry it out because it’s simply going to take a serious load on your PC. Since more processing power is involved, it is going to make your laptop sound like a jet engine massively.

If you are using the laptop to run heavy games or applications then make sure to do so for only a little while. You can check in Task Manager which application is taking how much load if you do not have Task Monitor then you can download it for free from Getintopc – Official Website.

Clean Fans and Vents

As mentioned earlier, cleaning the fans and vents of your PC is highly necessary to make sure that your PC works at optimum performance at all times. The fans and vents keep your system cool and functioning at the right temperature which is why cleaning them is important.

Replacing the Fan

The fan of your PC is a major component that makes your PC loud, if it ends up making more noise than usual then you can just get it replaced. If you feel like replacing the fan would be a better option rather than changing your hardware overall then just replace the fan. Getting a less noisy fan can reduce jet engine sounds quite a lot and it will do you a whole lot of good.

Tighten Loose Parts

Tightening the loose parts of your PC is going to help you loads. This is because tightening them is going to make sure that no dust or particles creep inside it. When that doesn’t happen then your PC isn’t going to make that jet engine sound that you so hate. The loose parts in your PC could be any of the parts. You should always open and check your PC every two weeks to make sure everything is in place.


The following are the problems and solutions you will need to know and can work on respectively if you want to make sure your PC doesn’t make jet engine sounds.

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