Preserving anonymity in crypto is an essential feature that often gets overlooked. Users believe that their Bitcoin transactions are private because they don’t contain their personal data. However, this is a misconception, as BTC transactions are entirely transparent.

While they don’t have your name on them, they contain other personal information that hackers can exploit to find out the owners of the transactions. Consequently, to conserve some privacy, you need to use anonymous coins like Monero.

In this article, we take a look at BTC and XMR and their recent price performances. We also provide some price predictions for these two cryptocurrencies. And finally, you will find a guide on how to convert BTC to Monero anonymously, allowing you to obfuscate your transaction completely.

Bitcoin’s Performance During The Crypto Crash

Since the beginning of the year, the crypto market has been in complete disarray. The bear market is in full swing, which has increased the selling pressure on all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

The original crypto lost a significant portion of value since January 2022, when it was valued at $48,000 per coin. The worst crash happened in June of this year when BTC plunged to $18,000 breaking down the previous bullish cycle’s all-time high. This historic crash pushed investors to capitulate en masse and dragged the entire market down with it.

However, since the begging of July, prices have been slowly rising. The first milestone was when Bitcoin managed to hold above $20k in July. In August, we are facing a new milestone, where BTC could cross above $25k and gain even more bullish momentum.

What to Expect from BTC Future Price?

Bitcoin seems to have reached the bottom during this bear market at $18,000. This has allowed analysts to provide some growth in the upcoming years for the cryptocurrency:

  • expects BTC to reach $55,280.57 by 2025.

  • gives a target of $102,438.17 for that period.

All in all, Bitcoin is bound to grow significantly in the mid-term.

Monero’s Performance During The Crypto Crash

Monero didn’t have the exact same pattern as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that plunged straight down. While there was a significant downward trend at the beginning of 2022, XMR recovered significantly in April, reaching $280 after plunging to $144.

That said, the May 2022 crash wiped out all gains, as Monero broke down to reach $104 at that period. Price has been steadily rising in the past months, and the coin is now trading around $165, probably preparing to follow Bitcoin and ETH in their breakout.

What to Expect from XMR Future Price?

Analysts expect Monero to continue to rise in price, considering that privacy coins are gaining more and more traction. Due to the recent Tornado Cash ban and arrests, users are looking for crypto alternatives that cannot be tracked. Monero comes on top of this list, for being the most private network by default that hasn’t shown any signs of failure.

Recently, Monero got a major upgrade to its protocol through a hard fork, reinforcing its security and privacy features even further.

Consequently, analysts have bullish forecasts for Monero, such as:

  • hopes to see XMR reach $358.71 by 2025.

  • is more enthusiastic and provides a target of $680.43.

All in all, experts predict a slightly higher uptick compared to Bitcoin, percentage-wise.

Exchanging Crypto Anonymously On Godex

The main reason to swap BTC for XMR is to keep your privacy. However, if you do this through a centralized exchange that requires KYC, you would be defeating the purpose of this currency.

Benefits of Using Godex

Anonymous exchanges like Godex allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies without having to go through registration or provide any personal details. This way, your identity can never be linked to your crypto holdings.

Moreover, Godex offers some additional benefits, including:

  • Fixed rates

  • Simple and effective UI

  • More than 300 cryptocurrencies directly interchangeable with one another

  • A lucrative affiliate program.

What’s more, the process is extremely simple. You just need to provide a Monero public address and send some BTC to the exchange. This requires no registration whatsoever, streamlining it and keeping all data away from their servers.

Final Thoughts

Privacy features in crypto are getting increased attention due to the repeated attacks from governments in this regard. Monero allows users to obfuscate all transaction data and keep funds safe at all times. Exchanging through will further increase the anonymity of your transactions, as you won’t have to provide personal details for your BTC holdings either.

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