Consistency is key has almost become clichè. Regardless, the statement carries weight. Think about how much information we have access to today. Between Google and YouTube, there is an overload of information always. It becomes a distraction. One day we want to do one thing, then a friend tells us about one of their friends that got rich in real estate. We keep chasing that shiny thing. Then we learn about an app that is making a lot of money, so we chase that shiny thing. Before we know it, we have chased and pursued and accomplished nothing. We have must learn that consistency is key.

The best way to be more consistent is by using a habit tracker. Habit Stacker allows you to build consistencies around the things that matter. The first thing you do is set your goals because it gives you an overarching direction.

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Flow Like The River

A river can erode a river bed due to one simple fact: It understands that consistency is key. The river flows on and on, but after one day you notice no difference in the river bed. It is not until years and years of the river bed feeling the friction of the water that it gives in. It weakens and begins to erode.

Any dream you must have you need to flow like a river for a few reasons. First, the river is in no rush, and, it understands that consistency is key.

There is power in being urgent in life. Urgency can help to remind you that life itself is short. Where urgency will stab you in the back is when you think that what you are working on will not take time. Success demands time and a consistent effort.

Why is Consistency Key?

The reason consistency is key is the same reason that habits are powerful. If you go, shoot a basketball once one day you will see no results. Shoot a basketball once every day for 5 years, and you will improve from putting up 4,380 shots. If you are like Kobe Bryant though and you put up 400 shots a day for 20 years, you have 146,000 shots. Which of those three options do you think will improve the most?

Taking 400 shots a day is a lot. To do that every day over a long period makes that skill compound until it becomes something great! The thing that separates the good from the greats is that the greats fall in love with the fundamentals. No matter how boring it is, consistency is what brings mastery.

Consistency is key because it is hard! It's not fun to do the same things over and over again. We want new ideas. We love Instagram because every time you go on, there is something new. To change course, change majors, and switch lines at the grocery store. We have more options than ever and it can cripple us. The possibilities need more focus.

In the modern world of choice, it is a superpower to say no, focus in on what you want and be consistent until you get there. It's considered a superpower because most people will not do it. It's too hard, too boring, and it takes way too long to get results. Consistency is also how you break bad habits. 

Consistency is Key Over Shiny Objects

The problem with always chasing what is new is that you never have the time required to get good at something. Would you go to the surgeon who is trying something new every day or the one who perfected what you need? The answer is easy!

Would you rather have a surgeon who checks his phone 12 times during your surgery or the one who is laser focused? What the answers to these questions tell you is that you do value focus and mastery. Maybe you don't understand its benefit for your own life.

Focus and mastery mean that you are deciding to work on one thing, and you are going to keep working on it. There will never be a point where you know everything because you accept that as not being possible. No matter how good you are or how much others consider you to be an expert, you will find ways to improve.

When you keep switching what you are working at or focusing on you start from step 1 of mastery every time. You never get to reap the benefits of cumulative efforts. Collective efforts are the exponential learning you gain from doing one thing. Chasing shiny objects never provides any long-term fulfillment.

How Do You Get More Consistent?

The best way to be more consistent is by using a habit tracker. Habit Stacker allows you to build consistencies around the things that matter. The first thing you do is set your goals because it gives you an overarching direction.

The second thing you do is set habits to help you reach those goals. For example, if you want to run your first marathon. The habit you need to develop is running daily, drinking water, and getting 8 hours of sleep. You then track these habits day to day by saying if you did it or not.

The third step is being able to journal about your process and how you are feeling. The journal allows you to work through your deep thoughts and feelings and get to what is going on in your head.

Using technology to improve habits helps because you can look back and see what you have done. You can get reminders to your phone and make sure that you are staying on top of things. As time goes on, you will no longer need the app for specific apps. At this point, you add new habits, and the cycle continues, and you continue to improve.

Discipline = Freedom

You can even say that Habit Stacker = Freedom. Consistency is key because it's the only way to get discipline in your daily living. If you are not disciplined, you will always struggle to show up. If you can't show up, you won't have the consistency to improve bit by bit. Then you will never experience the type of success that most dream of. Discipline is the building block to what you want.

You have most likely bought a lie. Discipline sounds like it is restrictive and the opposite of Freedom. There is nothing that screams fun about drinking water and doing hard workouts. not eating sweets, reading books every day, and learning daily. It's habits like these that give you Freedom from poverty, ill health, and early death.

Consistency is the key. Starting from today, tell yourself that you ARE a consistent person!

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