Don Omar Net Worth = $7 Million

Don Omar is considered to be one of the best artists in the Latin music game. Artist Daddy Yankee once owned the turf, but Don Omar found his way to the top through his excellent work ethic and habits. He has been one of the most consistent Latin Music artists, and he has been rewarded dramatically by his fans with his record sales. 

Don Omar was put on the mainstream map when his song Danza Kuduro was featured in the Fast and The Furious in 2009. That movie took a song that most people would have never heard outside of the Latin Community, and it put him and the entire genre on the map. 

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Don Omar


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Quotes - Don Omar Net Worth and Key Habits

My number one goal ... is to preserve the music industry. The only answer is the Internet. ...none of the systems are more effective than having a personal relationship with my fans via the Internet. - Don Omar

"I would rather be hated honest, as to be loved by hypocrites." - Don Omar

Don Omar Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Speak to Your People 

The reason that Omar has blown up is because he found a specific niche of people to speak to. A lot of artists try and let go of their roots to talk to other people because they think it will make them more accessible. Don Omar has done the opposite; he forgot about everyone but his main people. 

What this has allowed him to do his build a very supportive fan base. Many people love Latin Reggaeton music, but they're not many people making music. His main competition has been Daddy Yankee. Anyone can learn from this because we need to be who we are to succeed. 

Habit #2 -Stay True to You 

Don Omar has continued to stay true to who he is as he has gained success. This is no easy trick to pull off as most people start to succeed, and then they begin to change up. He became the mainstream from his song being played in The Fast and The Furious, and his song was all in Spanish. 

He has not been successful by selling out. He continues to make music by speaking to his people. There are no secrets here; he keeps delivering music to a specific niche. Until that niche begins to love him. Then he uses that very fan base to help him get into a movie and introduce the world to his culture. 

Habit #3 - Be Consistent

Habits are all about consistency. He has been able to rise the way he has is because of his persistence. He continually is showing up to make music and putting out more songs and albums. So many people want to be musicians, but they don't make music. They want to be writers, but they don't write. Don Omar has stayed true to his craft and continued to work on it. 








Latin Album of the Year

Tops Daddy Yankee 

Works with Britney Spears 

Sells 4.1 Million Albums

Releases the Last Don 2

Summary of The Don Omar Net Worth and Key Habits


Speak to Your People 


Stay True to You


Be Consistent 

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