Le'andria Johnson Net Worth = $2 Million

Le'andria Johnson rose to fame in 2011 after winning the BET singing competition "Sundays Best." The show is designed to find the best Gospel singers in the country and give them a platform to shine and Glorify God.

Le'Andria was coming from a very tough season of life where she had no money, and she just foreclosed on her house. She appeared to the audition for the show looking far from her best. She almost lost her opportunity because of how she was dressed, but luckily, the judges saw past her clothes. 

She went on to win the competition and become a superstar in the Black Christian Church. She has had to endure a lot in her life, but she has not let it distract for her God-given gift of being an excellent Gospel singer. Her unique life challenges have also given her the ability to have a lot of empathy for other people who are struggling. 

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Look at myself in the mirror
Religion lookin' back at me
I threw my hands in the air
And the law arrested me

- Le'andria Johnson

“I drink, yes. To be drunken, I know that’s a sin. But I’m not doing this every day. I’m not doing this back to back.” -  Le'andria Johnson

”When I don’t give myself too much credit, I know God is taking care of the situation. It’s not me. I’m just glad to be a willing vessel.” - Le'andria Johnson

”What I learned quickly after winning Sunday’s Best is that the Awards, Awards Shows, Red Carpet’s none of that define me. I had to take some time to find myself again.” - Le'andria Johnson

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Le'andria Johnson Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Endure

To get to Sundays Best, this woman had to endure so much. She is a testament that your calling never comes easy; you have to pay the price to get there. She had to pay the price to get her life on track. She was homeless and just lost her house. She has no clothes and had to rely on family who believed in her to help get her to the audition.

After winning the show, she was going to put on a benefit concert for some homeless people when she found out that her brother had been shot in Orlando. She had to postpone the show. Through all her struggles, she kept pursuing what she felt called to do. She never grew weak on her mission to worship God.

Habit #2 - Faith By Any Means

The Le'andria Johnson Net Worth is where it is right now because of her bold faith. She could have called herself a Christian her whole life and not had the confidence to go to that Sunday's Best audition. She could have turned away from her gift to pay the bills as many people choose to do. She trusted in God and her abilities and knew that there was more for her in this world. 

To show up to an audition to sing Gospel music in front of successful judges and have to wear flip flops and beat up clothing is not easy. It's even harder to start that way and go on to win the competition altogether. Her faith kept her moving forward, and through every struggle, she has turned back to that faith. 

Habit #3 - Give Back

Le'andria Johnson comes from the struggle, but it has given her a compassionate heart for others struggling. She is always looking for ways to serve the poor, forgotten, and disadvantaged in her communities. She has created ministries within the church with the specific focus of helping those in need. 

A big reason she has been and will continue to be successful is that she has made this a habit. It's her instinct to look to give back. She understands that you have to put others first, and you have to give to people even when it's hard. 

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Faith By Any Means


Give Back

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