“When we need things done right, we don’t need to do it ourselves. We just need to give it to you. Thanks for your great work!.” Here are 22 Employee Appreciation Quotes.

Employee Appreciation Quote

1. “Your passion is a quality that cannot be learnt and an ability which cannot be taught. Thank you for being a part of this organization.”

2. “People make the difference. And one of those people is you. Thank you for making a difference in our company.”

3. “Your excellence and brilliance have always made for a stunning performance at work. Thanks for bringing so much permanence to our company.”

4. “Let us be grateful for the people who make us smile, the people who make work fun, and the people we can count on to get the dang job done!”

5. “Your desire and willingness fuel our mutual efforts and lead us to success.”

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Employee Appreciation Quotes

6. “We appreciate you for more than just your work. We also want to celebrate your character and positive effect you have on others. Congratulations!”

7. “You deserve a RAISE because the number of sales you make RAISES the morale of your colleagues. Thank you.”

8. “If desks could talk, yours would say “Ouch.” Thank you for your very hard work!”

9. “You are our company’s perfect catch and an ideal employee whose performance no one else can match. Thank you.”

10. “Complaining is finding faults. Wisdom is finding solutions.” – Ajahn Brahm. Thanks for continuously being wise!”

Employee Appreciation Quotes

11. “When we need things done right, we don’t need to do it ourselves. We just need to give it to you. Thanks for your great work!”

12. “Employees like you can even make Mondays a joy. Thanks for your hard work and super attitude.”

13. “Words just can’t describe how much you are appreciated.”

14. “We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication.”

15. “A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, but is miles ahead in results.” – Poet and author Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Consider this one big pat on the back!”

16. “This Employee Appreciation Day, we’d like to tell you that you are an embodiment of professionalism. Thank you for bringing your best to work day after day.”

Employee Appreciation Quotes

17. “The world of business survives less on leadership skills and more on the commitment and dedication of passionate employees like you. Thank you for your hard work.”

18. “You’re a rockstar! Thanks for bringing the energy to the office every morning at 8am.”

19. “The walls of this office would weaken without your charisma. Thank you for being a part of this team.”

20. “Attitudes are contagious, Bob Moawad said. That may explain why everyone around your desk is perpetually infused with dedication and enthusiasm. Thank you for being you!”

21. “Thanks for shouldering responsibility and putting the company’s interests ahead of your own.”

22. “You are irreplaceable to this company, you are our biggest strength. Thanks.”

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Best Employee Appreciation Quotes

“A perfect employee is the one who inspires his boss as much as his boss inspires him. Thanks for being my inspiration.”
“It takes a college degree to get a nice job but it takes a lot of hard work to get appreciation from your employer. Thank you for working hard.”

“Successful companies are run by successful entrepreneurs who hire successful employees. Thank you for being a key part of this chain.”

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