One of the main reasons people feel guilty about wanting to be successful is that it can often be associated with greed. The idea is that successful people want to be rich and that they can never have enough money. Health Wealth Love and Happiness give a much more complete picture of success. Goal setting for success demands that you take care of all of these areas. 

Wealth is NOT just about money. There is much more to the idea of success, and taking a holistic look at it can help you figure out only how wealthy you are.

Money can make you happy, and it can provide you with a lot of cool things, but money can never buy you love, and it really can't buy your health either.

People with money can afford expensive surgeries, but a healthy person can avoid needing them at all. The holistic approach to health focuses on Health Wealth Love and Happiness and the pursuit of all four of these things at all times.

"When you see success in the light of just wealth, you risk letting happiness, health, and love go. The holistic approach to success understands that all of these things are equally as important."

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Health Wealth Love and Happiness The Wheel Will Not Roll Without All The Parts

If you think of a wheel that is like a pie chart divided into four parts. If all four elements are present, the wheel can roll down the road.

Remove any part of the wheel; it will not be able to go smoothly. All of a sudden, the smoothness of the complete wheel becomes a bumpy ride.

When you see success in the light of just wealth, you risk letting happiness, health, and love go. The holistic approach to success understands that all of these things are equally as important.

We have ALL seen examples of people who have it all in one area, but they let the other areas go. It can never be a sustainable way of living.

  • You need wealth, health love, and happiness to all be in a good place
  • When one goes down they all eventually fall

Health Wealth Love and Happiness - Health Focus 

With a health focus, you are intentional about what you eat and making sure that you spend as much time in the gym as possible to get the body in good shape. Your identity becomes wrapped up in this to some extent.

It becomes everything to the point where you are no longer happy because you try and keep up with an unrealistic standard of perfection. Before you know it, your lack of resources means that you have to buy lower quality food, and your body does not look the same anymore. Even if you have people to love around you, it will not be enough 

Health Wealth Love and Happiness - Love Focus 

People who are love focused on making their life about spending time with family and the pursuit of the perfect lover. When they find that person to love, their whole life becomes about pleasing that person.

The problem is that people can disappoint us sometimes and that can leave you in shambles. Maybe you depended on this person financially, and all of your happiness is riding on them. When that great thing ends, your mental health is wrecked, you have no money, and you are not happy.

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Health Wealth Love and Happiness  - Happiness Focus 

Happiness focused people tend to be short term thinkers and tend to be the first ones to tell people that money does not matter. These people scream YOLO and do whatever will make them happy at the moment.

They spend the little money they have recklessly on dinner and entertainment. While they tend to have the most awesome Instagram accounts, the happiness cannot last because eventually, that credit card bill will catch up with them.

When their money gets low, they can't have as much fun, and happiness and health tend to go down the drain with it.

Health Wealth Love and Happiness - Wealth Focus

Wealth focus is pretty easy to talk about. A wealth focus means you only care about money. You push relationships aside and cut people off easily. You will never workout in order to work longer hours. Your happiness is directly tied to your success.

The second this person loses their money or they experience difficulty in their career, their self-esteem goes down the drain. The person who relies solely on money will never be fulfilled.

  • No one area can survive on its own
  • Self esteemed should never be tied to any of these areas
  • You're worth needs to come from a greater place
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When You Goal Set for Success You Can Have It All

Most people will try and convince you that you can't have it all. They will try and tell you that if you have money, you will also have divorces. If you have happiness, you will not have any money. There are all of these made-up rules of what you can and cannot have.

The best thing you can do is decide what life you want and work backward to go and get it. Why would anyone not want Health Wealth Love and Happiness? If you don't want all of those things, you need to get a mental evaluation.

Right now, you need to focus on the fact that you can have it all. We often look at rich people who commit suicide and use it as an example that money is not enough. Though this is true, it misses how many people believe they are wealthy and lives beautiful lives as a result of it.

Someone always has more money, so it's hard to say what wealth is. You have to define that for yourself. Some people become debt-free and start a family, and they feel like the wealthiest person in the world.

  • You can get it all but just not at the same time
  • Forget the people who say you can't have it all
  • Set your own standards

Life is Full of Challenges

 The fact that you want to have it all does not mean that it will be in your grasp at all times. The best thing about these four parts is that they help to support each other when one of them falls through.

When Your Health Goes

The most important thing you can have in your life at this time is money to see the best doctors and love to be there for you. If you find out you are going to die not much else is going to matter besides the people who love you being at your side. Even happiness helps to sustain health because you will go into each day with a positive attitude.

When Your Money Goes

I feel sick inside when I think of the person who loses all of their money and has no love, no health and does not know happiness outside of cash. It makes me cringe inside because it is too much for anyone to handle.

We all run into financial hardships. When we do, it is often the relationships we have built that help us to get back on our feet.

When Love is a Struggle 

Whether it be going through a divorce or significant problems in key life relationships, this may be one of the hardest ones to struggle through. We are hardwired to love and be loved.

When the love falls out of wack, money can play a role in keeping you financially secure. With cash, you can hire lawyers and get the best help to get through your situation.

If you are healthy, it gives you one less thing to worry about. You don't want to go through a divorce and be fighting for your life at the same time.

Happiness is almost always out the window when your love goes. If you think about any break-up, sadness practically always follows.

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When Depression Hits

When you can't find a glimmer of happiness in your life, but you can find and be around people who love you, it makes a huge difference. Money can give you access to mental health treatments, and allow you to build things in your life to help like floating tanks, meditation coaches, and Saunas.

Working out has always been a great way to change your mood, and being active means that it will be easier for you to continue doing this through a difficult time in your life. You can't discount any part of the pillars.

I think the spiritual life can fit into all of the categories above. My experience as a Christian, for example, helps me to be happy, love God, myself as he made and to love others. The bible is also a fantastic guide for wealth and health.

  • Think through what would happen if any area fell off
  • Every areas is going to challenge you at some point
  • When you lose one area the other three can help hold you up
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