A lot of people get confused into thinking that if you talk tough, that means you’re courageous. The truth is that the toughest moments in life reveal who you are. In the Incredibles 2, there is a scene where that shows this so well. A rich guy bought the vehicle of Mr. Incredible and Dash activates the car from a remote control.

The button he press causes it to it shoot the wall and drive out on its own. What happens next shows that it's about what you do. The Rich guy took his girl and covered himself out of fear. If you had asked that guy 10 minutes before what he would do in danger, he would have a courageous answer. He would never say that he would use his girl as a shield from danger.

Talk is cheap, and it always will be.

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Stop Talking - It's About What You Do ?

Talk is cheap, and it always will be. It does not matter. You can say that you will start working out every day. You can say you are going to spend more time with your family. All that matters is if have conscious discipline. When you waste time talking, it gets you nowhere. Sometimes it can be useful to talk to others about what you do for accountability. But you know what's even better — doing it! When you do things, you build confidence because you know your word means something.

  • Actions speak louder than words

Don't Be a Coward - Have Some Conscious Discipline. ?

Cowards are not sure of themselves. And even though they may know what to say, they know that their instinct is not to do it. Your inclination should always be to take action. Taking action does not always mean charging forward. Sometimes the best move is to relax. Sometimes the best option is to think things through. The point you need to drive into your skull is that what you say will never count as much as what you do.

  • Have confidence in what you do

What You Do Counts -  Use Hard Times to Build Courage ? 

The opportunity in hard times that is in front of you is the chance to get you some courage. I got fired from my jobs twice in one year. Both times I was making more money than I had ever made in my life. I went to work all smiley and left with no job and no clear path to my next check. The coward in me said to get in a ball and cry. It said to scream that life is not fair. The coward wanted a reason, and it tried to blame someone. The coward never wants to take responsibility.

  • Pressure creates diamonds

Use The Pain for The Next Level

Here is beauty. If I did not get fired Habit Stacker would not be what it is now. I was able to find my courage. I wanted to feel bad for myself, but instead, I created the best content in my life. Moping and feeling sad was an option, but I knew it's about what you do.  I wrote about 150 articles, and I published 60 new podcasts. Created 50 videos for the online course, got active on social media again, and I completely remade the app.

I would not have done this before because I did not have the reason to. I had a nice and comfy job. Having that comfort removed meant I had to either find courage or be a coward. I found my courage and immediately took action to better my life and help more people to build their courage.

  • Lean into the pain
  • Pain is a motivator if you let it

You Need the Courage to Succeed and Be at Peace ☮

Here is why what you do matters. If you want to be successful and have peace within you, you need to have courage. When people succeed without courage, they have accolades but 0 confidence. You see this all the time. They only want to put people around them who are going to praise them and lie to them to make them feel good. They never dared to hear the truth, and they don’t plan on getting it any time soon.

This leaves them with no peace. What I want for you is to build excellent habits and be successful. That road must go through courage. You have to be able to make tough choices. You have to be able to rely on what you do and not what you say or intend to do.  Put your last dollar into your business with no idea how you will eat. Keep working on something when it looks like a failure.

Keep showing up when it feels like you are not moving forward. When you succeed like this, you will always have peace within. You struggled for it! You endured and showed grit to have what you have, and that means something. Keep practicing your conscious discipline. 

Ian Warner

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I went from a broken leg to a 2012 Olympian. I have spent the last 15 years building positive habits as a track athlete and entrepreneur. I founded Habit Stacker and dedicated my life to helping people to develop winning habits. I have helped over 5,000 people...

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