Juvenile Net Worth = $2.5  Million

Introduction to the Juvenile Net Worth and Key Habits 

Heading into the new Millennium, Juvenile was one of the top rappers. He delivered some of the best solos in the history of rap music. Not only did he shine as a solo artist, but he also did well as a part of the group Hot Boyz which included Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, and Birdman. 

He brought his fresh New Orleans style to the rap game. Juvenile style of rap and choice of dress was foreign to anyone not native to New Orleans. Juvenile rarely went anywhere without his gold grill and jewelry around his neck and wrists.

His big break came when he released his second album 400 Degreez, which featured the hit song Back That Azz Up. That song is etched in Hip Hop history forever and still a club anthem to this day.

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Habit #1 - Represent Your Hood

Juvenile's net worth grew because of his willingness to represent his hood. His early success was all local. He made music for New Orleans, and the city was responsible for putting him on. Unlike other artists who made music videos with models, Juvenile hired girls from the neighborhood. His intentionality generated so much love and support from the city.

Before you can rule the world, you have to run your city. Once you conquer your city, you can go branch out.  Too many people think they need to dominate the world first, but it's just not true. What you need to do more than anything is to get started; Wherever you are with whatever you have.  

Habit #2 - Keep Pushing

Juvenile grew up in extreme poverty. He did let that stop him- he fought his way out. Once he became a star, he experienced more adversity. This time, legal trouble, child support, and small drug charges. He hurdled over every obstacle and bounced back from each setback.

One of Juvenille's lowest moments came in 2008 when his daughter lost her life in a triple homicide. The murderer, a son of a juveniles ex. As devastating as this loss was, he found the will to keep pushing. Life is hard. You may meet back taxes, tragedy, or turbulent times, but the best thing you can do find a way to continue moving forward. You can't let your circumstance break you.

You have to live in the now. You have to be willing to forget about what happened, be in the moment and consciously chose to do something that will help you forge a new future. The only thing that matters is the next move. That's the mindset of a winner.

If you want to be great,  develop this habit. Unsuccessful people lose control because they focus on things they can't influence. They focus on the government, the press, the weather, and other people. Winners focus on themselves and what is currently in front of them because its all they can control.

Habit #3 - Make a Name for Others

When you look at Juvenile's success, the coolest thing about it is how he helped others come up. Had it not been for Juvenille's assist we may never have know  rappers like: 

Juvenile understood that success is making sure that everyone eats well and not just yourself. People want to be around people who help everyone win.  

The beautiful thing about this is that anyone can do this. Use your skills to make others shine. There is something special about winning, it's contagious. And it's pretty cool that Juvenille took was was working for him and used it to elevate his tribe too.  

Summary of The Juvenile Net Worth and Key Habits


Represent for Your Hood 


Keep Pushing


Help Others Win 

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