It does not matter how talented you are or how bad you want something in life. What matters is how persistent you are. You are going to need to be persistent as hell to achieve your dreams. Study any success story, and you will discovery a persistent person in that story.

When we see these people in the lights, we think of how lucky they are sometimes to be able to experience so much success. What we often don't realize is their backstory and how persistent they have always been. It's one of the key ingredients to your success along with conscious discipline.

We will not grow in our character unless it is challenged. We will not grow in our faith unless it is tested.

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How Persistent Do You Need to Be?

It is not the fairy tale they tell you it is in the movies. Success in the movies is always so smooth. There is a bit of conflict, but it never does the story justice. Massive success requires you to overcome more than you think in ways you could never guess.

When we think of persistence, we think of overcoming a bump in the road. Where we go wrong is in underestimating how many challenges there will be.

The obstacles seem to come from everywhere. The more you want to achieve, the more obstacles you have to deal with. What seems like a clear path is suddenly has a tonne of obstacles.

Then the obstacles never appear how you think they will. If you think it is going to show up as a financial problem, it shows up as family issues. If you think it's going to show up as school trouble, it will appear as car trouble and a broken heart. It becomes impossible to predict.

We love to have plans in life, and part of having these plans is controlling what could happen. We want to know what could happen so we can avoid it from happening altogether.

Success Will Demand You Be Persistent and Show Conscious Discipline

Anything that I have accomplished in my life worth talking about has come after difficult times. If you look back at your life, you will notice the same.

As the saying goes, the smooth sea doesn't create skilled sailors. To be an excellent sailor, you have to be able to control your boat in the roughest of seas. If the sailor can't handle those conditions, no one will want to ride with them.

Easy things become meaningless to achieve. Why is that? Because the reason getting drafted to the NFL is more spectacular than getting a college degree is because of how hard it is to make the NFL.

The reason it is prestigious to get into Harvard or to become a doctor is that these things are hard. If they made it easier to be a doctor, we would not see doctors the same way.

Love The Process

Apply this same line of thinking to whatever you want. How can you be happier with things being more natural? You can't want things to be easier; you have to want yourself to be more robust. There should be a desire for more skills.

That is how you separate yourself from the pack. By telling difficulty that you openly accept its offer. By looking hardships straight in the face and saying, I am not going anywhere! Once you agree that you need more difficulty, you can deal with it easier when it shows up.

If you want an easy life here is what you can do. You can lay in the corner and beg your parents to feed you. You don't have to take any risks or worry about anything bad happening to you. It will be easy and comfortable. Sounds miserable right? Of course, it is, and we were not made for a life without difficulty.

We were made to be challenged just like a muscle. A muscle will not grow large without reason. We have to work it to the point of failure where it feels like it HAS to grow to help you to sustain your lifestyle.

The same thing is true for everything we do. We will not grow in our character unless it is challenged. We will not grow in our faith unless it is tested.

How to Be Persistent Beyond Belief

Keep knocking!

You have to approach everything with a mindset that you want what you want so bad that you will not stop knocking on the door. Picture someone coming to your door and knocking like how most people knock. They knock three times wait, knock three times wait and assume no one is home. Then they leave.

Imagine someone knocked on your door for 12 hours straight, or until their knuckles started bleeding! If you were home you would eventually get annoyed and answer the door. If no one was home, the person knocking increases the chances of running into someone coming home.

Either way, they get what they want. If the knocker is told no, they put up a fight until they realize today is not their day. They wake up the next day and prepare to knock for 24 hours. They know how to be persistent.

Persistence is about outlasting people. It's about sticking around so long that people start to wonder about you and what you want.

Anyone who can knock on a door for 12 hours must have something useful to say right? Anyone that calls you twice a day for 365 days straight must have something important to say, right?

All Who Have Come Before You Have Mastered This 

All the greats have mastered the ability to be persistent. They found something they wanted, and they pursued it with everything they had, through the valleys, the disappointments, the attacks, and everything else they focused on going forward. You MUST do the same with your conscious discipline. It is the only way ever to reach your destiny.

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