Life is filled with having to use the good in bad situations. Do you notice that you tend to magnify the bad while letting the good pass right by? That is because bad situations have more of an impact on our emotions. Bad situations are a part of life that we can use to our benefit though.  

Bad situations can throw a wrench in your plans. They cause you to go into a frenzy trying to figure out how to get yourself out. One minute you feel like your world is perfect, the next thing you know you wish you made some different choices.  

You can't avoid them. No matter what you do, or how careful you are, your decisions can still lead you into bad situations. The secret isn't how to avoid bad situations; it's how you handle them that will do the trick.

Below you will find some tips on how to find the good in bad situations. You will realize that all the opportunity in life comes with positive and negative baggage.  When you can see the positive, you don't have to worry about how to be more likable as much. 

We can't stop bad situations from happening, but we can choose how we to react. Good and bad is about perception and how we choose to see things. We shouldn't let bad situations rattle us to the point of giving up.

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Control Yourself and Find The Good in Bad Situations

When things become chaotic, we tend to lose sight of the big picture. We often lose control of ourselves: which causes our rational thinking to suffer.

We put too much focus on our mistakes and failures and we lose control. Before we know it, we blame our bad luck for everything. In reality, it was our poor choices and lack of process that got us here. 

We can't stop bad situations from happening, but we can choose how we to react. Good and bad is about perception and how we choose to see things. We shouldn't let bad situations rattle us to the point of giving up. It's a chance to change your perspective and find the good in the situation. 

Don't let your emotions rule you. The mind is powerful! Negative thoughts should not be able to rest in the mind. You can find good in bad situations by focusing your mind on only positive thoughts. 

Learning From Bad Situations

Growth is what life is about. A bad situation is only as bad as you want it to be. A situation is a situation; whether it be bad or good. If you lose your job, it gives you more free time to spend how you want. The negative is having less money. Every situation comes with good and bad things. 

There are two ways to look at a situation. You can look at the fact that nothing seems to be going right. The second approach is to learn as much as you can.

Every failure and setback teach you something. It would be a shame if you did not learn the lesson. Next time something does not go the way you want, write a journal entry on everything you have learned. 

Having a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude in any stressful situation will be beneficial. Get up after you get knocked down. People with positive attitudes get up right away!

You'll be more focused on how to surpass the challenges rather than dwelling on the negative. Anyone can complain or find what's wrong. Few people can focus in on finding a solution though. 

Instead of feeling bad about yourself, you seek ways on how to win the situation. Do you know the quote "Grow through what you go through"? It's the perfect little saying for situations of stress.

Let Things Happen - Find The Good in Bad

I'm going there are things we can't control. We can control ourselves as much as we want, but we cannot control what happens to our surroundings. External forces are going to happen, and it is up to us to keep ourselves in check.

What do you do about things you can't control? Do you cry about them? Do you get angry? No, there is nothing you can do about it. Let it happen. You'll end up stressing about it and overthinking it. In any case, it's not good for you.

Sometimes things aren't as bad as what we make them seem to be. The thing is we are so used to getting what we want. Instead of it adding stress to your life, let things unfold for themselves.

People will fail most of the time because they panic. They think panicking is the way to respond to any bad situation. Going into panic mode rarely makes a difference. It'll only make things worse, so please let it be.

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How Do I Find The Good?

  1. You must have complete control of yourself.
  2. Learn from your situations
  3. Have a positive attitude and accept what you can't control. 

That's pretty much all you can do. Don't get it twisted; this is not a reassurance that you're going to get the ending that you always wanted. Even so, this is a win-win situation. As long as you have the right attitude you can always turn a bad situation into a better one.

Keep On Keeping On

If your ending wasn't what you expected, you could always start a new chapter. The only thing is; this time you have the knowledge and the experience to help yourself more. Tough experiences are needed to grow and reach new levels. 

Although bad situations aren't ideal, they need to happen. Life would be so mundane if not for storms. No one wants to see rainbows all the time. I get it, it takes a lot to be a positive person in stressful situations, but we all know what stress does to our bodies.

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