If you're looking for a self-improvement seminar or course, one of the best things you can do is build successful habits. Think about this; if you have successful practices, you can count on your daily actions to succeed.

Unfortunately, if you have poor habits, you can also expect poor results. 

Most people live their entire life with poor habits expecting to get excellent results. That's like trying to create fresh orange juice out of dirty lake water. It's not going to happen. 

If you want orange juice, you're going to need high-quality oranges. If you're going to be successful, you're going to need to have the right daily habits.

When you rely on the right habits, it's like starting each day knowing you have the right ingredients to create the level of success you desire.

The Problem With Not Focusing On Habits 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they don't need to worry about habits or, even worse, that they don't have any. The worst thing you can do you yourself is think that something that is a problem, is not one at all. The same applies to habits. 

Every single person has habits. We need them, so our brain does not have to think through every action you take throughout the day. For example, here are some places where you rely on habits: 

  • When and how you brush your teeth
  • Attaining your morning coffee
  • What you do before bed
  • The first things you do when you wake up 
  • The way you drive and the routes you take to get places 
  • How you deal with stress
  • What you do to relax 
  • How focused you are when you work 

The list above could be quite extensive. The point of it is that you do have plenty of habits, but you have not paid attention to them. When you don't pay attention to habits, you choose to ignore something that drives your entire life. You think at the moment that you're making individual choices, but you're relying on habit. Each morning you think you decide to brush your teeth, but the mind runs its automatic habit protocol. 

Imagine paying attention to your habits and working to improve them. Suppose you make hundreds of automatic choices per day that end up being many options after a few years. Imagine you could enhance each one by just 10%. How much better would your life be if each small change was a little bit better? 

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7 Ways This Self-Improvement Seminar Will Change Your Life 

The problem is that you have no clue how much potential you're leaving on the table until you focus on your habits. You could have had more success at this point, with a focus in the right areas. 

Habit Mastery Will Help You: 

  • Increase Your Discipline 
  • Take Control of Your Life 
  • Stop Destructive Habits 
  • Achieve Long-Term Success
  • Be Able to Resist Temptation
  • Bring Purpose to Your Life 

#1 - The Discipline You Need 

Discipline is choosing what you want the most over what you want right now. When one lacks discipline, they choose the donut they want now over the body they want the most later. When you lack discipline, you select a movie to watch directly over the books that will feed you later.

The building block of the entire course is discipline. How do you become a person that does what you say you're going to do. Talk is cheap for a reason. Anyone can say they are building new habits or chasing after new goals, but very few have the discipline to follow through. 

#2 - Control is The Key 

When you ignore your habits, control becomes an illusion. You think you're in charge of your life, but you're just following the same routine that has not been working for you. 

Habit Mastery helps you to take control of your life. You can build custom habits and develop the techniques, hacks, and tricks to make sure you stick with them. Build your life the way you want instead of going with the motion. 

#3 - Cut Out The Negative Habits 

Sometimes the easiest way to improve is to remove the roadblocks that keep slowing you down. Negative habits are anything you regularly do that hold you back from what you ultimately want. If you say you want better grades, but you watch many TVs, you have a harmful habit. If you say you want to have a nice body, but you eat a lot of junk food, you have an unhealthy obsession. 

Habit Mastery will provide you with the skill set to identify negative habits quickly and eliminate them. You will understand how habits work at their core and can use different techniques to make these pesky negative habits go away! 

#4 - Think Long-Term 

You will move from a mindset of wanting instant gratification to understanding how important it is to think about the long run. All of the things that are valuable in life take time. Things that come fast rarely last. 

The key to building excellent habits is staying focused on what you ultimately want the most. You have to look past the clutter and the noise that is often dangling in your face. 

#5 - Live On Purpose 

Habits help you to reach your goals. Goals help you to accomplish your life mission. Habits give you a reason to get up each day because they allow you to understand that everything you're doing moves you towards your life mission. 

People end up feeling depressed and like life has no meaning because they lose sight of what they are doing all of this for. 

#6 - Accomplish Your Goals Faster 

When you set goals, you will be able to accomplish them faster. You will stop looking for the big event that helps you to "blow up." Instead, you will rely on consistent daily actions that build up over a long period. Success always comes faster with consistency as opposed to starting and stopping every other month. 

#7 - Build Your Confidence

 The best thing about building habits is becoming the person that you were always meant to be. It's a massive boost to your self-confidence when you can be the person that you have always wanted. When your goals and your actions match, you begin to see your true potential. 

The Four Killer Setbacks When Building Habits  

These four killer setbacks could potentially be stopping you from building habits. When you start working to build positive habits, you will see one of these roadblocks get in your way. 

Lack of Knowledge

It's hard to play the game of habits if you have no idea how they work. 

Blinding Pride 

Pride makes you feel like you don't need help changing when you do.

Lack of Novelty

Habits need consistency but the world loves the newest thing trending. 

No Process

A process is a reliable system. Without one, you are just wishing for the best.

How a Broken Leg Set Me On The Path 

I began running track and playing football at the age of 7. At first, I relied on my speed and natural talent to get by. Then I broke my leg playing football and needed to have two surgeries to fix it.

My parents used this massive setback as a way to introduce me to habits. They started with my eating habits and taking vitamins and slowly taught me techniques that would stick with me for years.

Years later, after having a stellar junior season at Iowa State, those same habits added up and helped me make the 2012 Olympic team.

Now I use everything I have learned as an elite habit to help people like you build habits so that you can live the life you have always wanted.

Ian Warner - Track and Field - Iowa State

The 3 Silly Reasons Why Most People Don't Get Started


Fear of leaving behind friends that want you to stay the same.


Not being willing to learn and make the effort to improve your life.

Wrong Priorities

Would rather spend money on entertainment over education? 

Picture Your Life in 5 Years After The Self-Improvement Seminar 

Imagine repeating your good habits everyday for 5 years!

  1. What will would you be able to do? 

  2. What freedoms would you have?

  3. What would you be able to accomplish?

About the author 

Ian Warner

I went from a broken leg to a 2012 Olympian. I have spent the last 15 years building positive habits as a track athlete and entrepreneur. I founded Habit Stacker and dedicated my life to helping people to develop winning habits. I have helped over 5,000 people...


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