“No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately.”— Michel de Montaigne. Here are 50 Top Silly Quotes.

Silly Quotes

1.“When pain brings you down, don't be silly, don't close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sunshine.” — Alanis Morissette

2.“Being silly is still allowed, not excluded by adulthood. What's excluded by adulthood is thoughtlessness, so be thoughtful and silly” — Hank Green

3.“I've been embarrassing myself since about birth” — Phil Lester

4.“You know, people ask me. They say 'Dan, three years later do you really want to be drawing cat whiskers on your face?' but they don't understand. The cat whiskers, they come from within.” — Dan Howell

5.“Have you ever heard a blindfolded octopus unwrap a cellophane-covered bathtub?”― Norton Juster

6.“It's weird that apples bruise-like humans. I'm glad they don't scream when you bite into them.” — Phil Lester

7.“Never dance in a puddle when there's a hole in your shoe (it's always best to take your shoes off first).” — John D. Rhodes

8.“No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately.”— Michel de Montaigne

9.“Good writing is remembering detail. Most people want to forget. Don't forget things that were painful or embarrassing or silly. Turn them into a story that tells the truth.”— Paula Danziger

10.“Forgive me...I called you an idiot. I spoke too hastily. You are not. Had I given it more thought, I would have called you a scoundrel.” — Lloyd Alexander

11.“Board the cows! We've come to enslave your marigolds. ” — Libba Bray

12.“Do people normally wear boxers under their pajamas?” — Phil Lester

Silly Quotes

13.“There is something beautiful about watching two people lovingly act silly together; behaving as though no one else existed.” — Steve Maraboli

14.“He actually caught himself saying things like "Yippee," as he pranced ridiculously round the house.” — Douglas Adams

15.“It's okay to be absurd, ridiculous, and downright irrational at times; silliness is sweet syrup that helps us swallow the bitter pills of life.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

16.“One does silly things when one is twelve.” — Cassandra Clare

17.“Your pants didn't get smaller, Mommy," I assured her. "Your butt got bigger.”— Gordon Korman

18“Every single person is a fool, insane, a failure, or a bad person to at least ten people.”— Mokokoma Mokhonoana

19.“Just remember, we're all in this alone.” — Lily Tomlin

20.“I guess I just grew up thinking that when we become adults, we get to do what we love. For work, for fun, forever. I don't know where I got that from. Seems silly now.”— Crystal Woods

21.“Oh, Gilbert, don't let's ever grow too old and wise... no, not too old and silly for fairyland.” — L.M. Montgomery

22.“Have you ever been at a point that you don't know what to say? But yet you came up with this crazy idea to type this.” — Eric Mayes

23.“ObamaCare is, really, I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery - and it is slavery, in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government. It was never about health care; it was about control.” — Ben Carson

24.“I'm an elephant today. I will need to have lots of room and also a bowl of water on the floor.” — Jesse Ball

Silly Quotes

25.“The "silly" question is the first intimation of some totally new development”— Alfred Whitehead

26.“Awesome ends with me; but Ugly starts with u...” — Stephan

27.“Often the inspiration to write music comes from the voices in your head. You’re not crazy. Just be thankful they are not making you rescue people in 20-degree weather at 2:30 in the morning in the forest.” — Shannon Alder

28.“Robot. Is. Sad. Because silly bitch. Will. Not. Dance.” — Libba Bray

29.“We weren't really friends yet, just knowers of each other's secret stuff.”— M. Beth Bloom

30.“Nerds are like slinkys. Not good for much, but they put a smile on your face when you push them down the stairs...” — Casey Cooper

31.“Just a few questions for you, Mr. Dunne. Or Kenny. Can I call you Kenny? I feel we've become friends in these past few seconds. Can I call you Kenny?” — Derek Landy

32.“All my friends are getting married and having babies. I'm just getting more awesome”— Kayser U

33.“The problem with being an adult most of your life is not having been a child long enough.” — Wyatt Pringle

34.“There are only a few things that are more entertaining than watching a cat trying to run across a freshly waxed wood floor after a ball.” — David C Holley

35.“Life abounds in upside downs.” — Lorin Morgan-Richards

36.“My message is ‘always have fun.’ Be silly. You’re totally allowed to be silly. There’s nothing wrong with it.” — Unknown

Silly Quotes

37.“He threw caution to the wind. Caution was not too fond of the wind and would later seek revenge on him for this treacherous debauchery.” — J.S. Mason

38.“I'm an extrovert, I'll talk to anyone and anything...that is what you said that word meant, right?” — Sana Sahul Hameed

39.“The silly ones and the wrongly proud, both are alike; who don't avail the best advantages that come into their life, later, they feel and face the sorry.” — Ehsan Sehgal

40.“Like many who make their livelihood with their minds, she had an outsized pride in the few things her hands had crafted. It was perhaps the only things for which Ironfist could consider her a silly old lady.” — Brent Weeks

41.“Being free and uninhibited is beautiful. Trying something new is invigorating. Don't live a boring life if you can add a little silly into it every once in a while.” — Lily Collins

42.“But no name has ever equaled the odd name of Triplebippleabbledabblekadupledop Smith...” — Anthony Trendl

43.“For a certain kind of person, love begins from something tiny or silly. From something like that or it doesn’t begin at all.” — Haruki Murakami

44.“When life gives you lemons, you flip off the world, make a pitcher of margaritas, and burn your bra.” — Bink Cummings

45.“Everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is because you are stupid”— kayser

46.“To discuss endlessly what silly people mean when they say silly things may be amusing but can hardly be important.” — Bertrand Russell

47.“I thought the trees down in Lady Zelana’s country were about as big as a tree could get,” he said, “but the ones around here are so tall that they probably tickle the moon’s tummy when she goes by.” — David Eddings

48.“I crack jokes and do silly things not so that people laugh on me but because of me.”—  Aashutosh Murthy

49.“He radiated well-being like a potful of stew.” — Diana Gabaldon

50.“What about that graveyard just down the road? Are all the Hilliards buried there? Just the dead ones.”—Sonia Gensler

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Best of Silly Quotes

“Awesome ends with me; but Ugly starts with u...” — Stephan
“Just remember, we're all in this alone.” — Lily Tomlin
“There is something beautiful about watching two people lovingly act silly together; behaving as though no one else existed.” — Steve Maraboli

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