Most people look at a beautiful couple and say they are couple goals! What they are doing is pointing out that they aspire to have what that couple has. Think about it; this is no different than any goal where the outcome is the focus. We look at someone with money and say #HouseGoals. We look at the girl who has worked out every day for the last three years and says #BootyGoals. The thing we refuse to focus on though is how they got to this goal with excellent habits. To get the couple goals you want, you are going to have to change your daily habits to improve life.

Habits provide you with freedom. Good habits free you from the misery of bad habits and poor choices. 

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Big Couple Goals But Small Habits

The couple goals can be as big as you want them to be. Build a business together, have a beautiful family, or make a lot of money. Whatever your dream, you can lock it in and call it your couple goals.

Big goals always start with small habits, and reaching your couple goals will be no different. Habits are the daily actions we repeat so often that we no longer have to even think about it. How does this sound? Well to most, it sounds horrible. Some hear the word habits, and they think of dull routine.

Habits provide you with freedom. Good habits free you from the misery of bad habits and poor choices. For example, a person with excellent workout habits has freedom from poor health. The person with the habit of saving money has freedom from living paycheck to paycheck. Here are the daily habits to improve life that those with couple goals tend to practice.

Habits of Those Considered to Be Couple Goals

Value Each Other The Same

You cannot succeed in a relationship without equal value. If one person walks around feeling like the other is lucky to be with them, that relationship is in trouble.

Couples that are healthy and built for the long haul love each other the same amount. They both wake up in awe that they got the other person, and they feel blessed to have done so. They operate on the same levels.

Conversations About The Real Stuff

You know its couple goals when you see two people that have had some real conversations with each other. Not the new dating fluff but they have talked about their ugly past. They have laid it all on the line.

These are the moments that define a relationship. Can you still love someone knowing everything about them? Can you only like the idealized version of people? Some relationships seem impressive until they start to reveal truths.

Long Hugs

You can be couple of goals without long hugs every day. Save the fake quick pat on the back hugs for your fake friends. Couples need long hugs with a potential booty grab.

Long hugs are a great way to remind your kids and each other what real love looks and feels like. You can't get sucked into the day to day grind of life so bad that you don't even have time to hug each other anymore. Successful couples make it a habit to show some affection for each other daily.

No Sleeping On Anger

Letting the sun go down in anger is a big no-no. Especially for the one in the relationship, which is the over-thinker. When you go to bed angry, you let the tension and anger fester overnight and carry into a new day.

It is couple goals when you avoid this at all cost. If you have to wake the other up or stay up late to talk it out, then you will do that. You want to go to bed with at least an understanding and make sure both sides feel heard.

Not going to sleep angry is a habit. It can be easy to get upset and tell yourself you will deal with it in the morning. Don't do this! By the morning, the anger had the whole night to grow mold.

Live By Your Own Rules

Couples people look up to do not live life by the rules of others. When people say they are too young to get married, they do it anyway. Other people say you have to have at least one kid, they are cool having none. When you can decide with another person what you want and stick to that, it makes you both happy in the long run.

In today's world, it's not easy sticking to your guns. Everyone wants people to be something that they are not. Everyone wants people to bend and mold to what everyone else is doing. When you can stick to your guns, you create a new culture within your relationship.

Their Business is Their Own

It's a couple of goals when you can keep your business to yourself. This is not about being secretive or hiding your relationship. It's about not needing the worlds approval for every decision. Some people can't decide where to eat without calling their mom and their best friend.

Great couples make decisions together, and they let that information out on a need to know basis. They know that the fewer people in their business, the strong their relationship will be. Troy was taking down with the Trojan Horse because it let them get inside.

Shared Core Values

Real couple goals come down to having harmony. You cannot ever have that without having the same core values.

Core values are a big reason why it's so hard to date someone who is a different religion. You two are both building your values on very different bases. Different values lead to big problems. If you have very different ideas about money, family and what is essential in life there will be problems.

 Work On Your Habits That Lead to Couple Goals

Habit Stacker allows you to change how you approach your habits. By not focusing on the outcome, it gives you the ability to focus on what is in front of you each day. When you are in a relationship, you have habits that you can work on together. You also have habits you can work on as individuals to make your relationship better.

With Habit Stacker, you can enter in any habits you want to track and add an accountability partner. If you say you are going to hug your significant other for one minute each day by 7:00 PM, the app will notify you. By changing what you do every day, you get to couple goals by being consistent with your daily habits to improve life.

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