Victor Espinoza Net Worth = $ 7 Million

The Victor Espinoza Net Worth was built by racing thoroughbred horses. He came to fame by winning the triple crown at the Kentucky Derby in 2015. He began racing horses as a child back in Mexico, where he was born. He also won the Preakness Stakes race three times in 2015 with the same horse. He is the first Hispanic to have this type of success as a jockey.

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“I feel like the luckiest Mexican on Earth. He has been a special horse since the first time I rode him. He has a lot of talent and is an unbelievable horse. Turning for home I started riding a little harder. At the eighth pole, I just couldn’t put that other horse (Firing Line) away, but he got it done.” - Victor Espinoza

I think I'm just a lucky Mexican to win three Kentucky Derbys, and two in a row. And I'm just enjoying every moment. – Victor Espinoza

Victor Espinoza Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Take Pride In Where You're From

The most impressive thing about Victor Espinoza's net worth is the fact that he is from Mexico. He grew up with 11 siblings and was very poor. He found his way to the USA, though, and he has never stopped representing where he is from. There are not many jockeys from outside of the USA that has been able to do what Victor has. 

It does not matter where you are from; you can be proud of it. You can represent your family, the people who love you, and helped you to be who you are in everything you do. That includes things like your character, how you treat people, the effort you give, and how you pass the credit on to others when due. 

Habit #2 - Come Back Harder

Victor was thrown from his horse one day, and he suffered a broken neck. Many thought it would be the end of his career, but those people did not know the amount of fight he has. A short five months after his injury, he was back riding and ready to prove that he was no fluke. He came back prepared to fight even harder. 

Too many times, people suffer setbacks, and they let that problem be their demise. Victor always fights back. No matter how much people tell him what is not capable of, he finds a way and fights back. He teaches us that we can use our setbacks to make us stronger than ever. 

Habit #3 - Definite Purpose

You can't go anywhere in life if you don't know where you are going. Victor has always been very clear about where he is going in life. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a Jockey in the United States since he was clear about where he was going, it as easy for him to figure out what he needed to do. 

Too many people get this wrong in life. They drift through life and school with no direction. Because they don't know where they are going, they can never know if they are heading in the right direction or not. Victor always knew if he was getting closer to his goal of being the best Jockey in the United States. 








Moves to Cancun to Be Horse Trainer

Move to United States

Wins Breeders Cup Distaff 

American Triple Crown

Wins 6 Super Bowls

Victor Espinoza Net Worth and Key Habits


Represent Where You're From


Keep Fighting


Know What You Want 

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