Wendy Williams Net Worth = $40 Million

Wendy Williams has grown her net worth as a business woman, entrepreneur, author and TV personality. The Wendy Williams Show is a nationally syndicated talk show. She got her start in radio and is now in the Radio Hall of Fame for her work. 

She has used her fame to create many revenue streams. She has authored a NYT Best-Seller and has authored six other books. She has also created a fashion line, jewelry line and a line of wigs. She has continued to press forward and find ways to innovate. 

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Wendy Williams

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Quotes - Wendy Williams Net Worth and Key Habits

"The difference between winners and losers is winners know exactly who they are and aren't scared to be authentic."
― Wendy Williams

"I am who I am and I know who I am."
― Wendy Williams

"Shade is my middle name."
― Wendy Williams

"When you're an outsider or a misfit, if you play it smart, your motto should be, 'I'll show 'em. I will show you.''
― Wendy Williams

Habit #1 - Stick To It 

Wendy Williams started working on the radio in 1989 but did not get her own show until 2008. That is a 21 year time span that she stuck with it. She continued being a creator and a media personality through so many different ups and downs.

In today's world some people can't even stick with one thing for three months. As soon as people feel something is hard or a bit uncomfortable people switch and try and find something new. The key to success is to stick it out and keep grinding the Wendy Williams way. You have to be able to hustle when you feel like there is no hope

Habit #2 Know What You Want

Wendy Williams has dogged determination because she always knew exactly what she wanted. She had a clear vision for her life. She knew where she wanted to be and what it would look like to get there. She always saw her self as a star on TV with her own show. She knew she would be an actor and a respected business woman before any of it happened. 

You can't rely on GPS to bring you to the destination if you don't know where you are going. The only way you can get accurate directions is if you know the exact destination. You have to get detailed in knowing exactly what you want and where you want to go in life. Once you know where you are going,  you can build a plan to get there. 

Habit #3 - Take in Feedback 

Wendy Williams has grown her net worth consistently due to her willingness to take in feedback and critique. She is not above listening to her fans and learning what she can do to get better. She is willing to stop and listen to customers of her products to learn what she can do next to keep improving.

Most people hate getting feedback if its not praise. People want to hear how awesome and good they are but they don't want to hear truth that will help them to improve.  Success is blinding because it can make you think that everything you do is amazing even when that is not true. 

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Summary - Wendy Williams Net Worth and Key Habits


Stick To It


Know What You Want 


Take In Feedback 

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