Sacrifice is easy to talk about but not easy to implement to get what you want. The concept of it is easy to understand. Wanting more is easy. You don't have to go far to find people who are looking for more in their lives.

More freedom, money, time, energy, and love are among some of the favorites. What you don't hear is what people are willing to give up. You don't get to have it all at one time when you are building it up. That is why the 3 AM challenge works so well. It forces you to think about what you will give up to succeed. 

Someone who starts their own business cannot also have comfort and a lot of free time in the early days. To achieve success, you have to give up time, money, and a lot of entertainment.

When you focus on having a body that is a fit as possible, you give up eating the delicious foods that you may want to eat. When you focus on getting excellent grades, you give up free time.

Someone who starts their own business cannot also have comfort and a lot of free time in the early days. To achieve success, you have to give up time, money, and a lot of entertainment.

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Decide Your Price First To Get What You Want ?

Before you set your mind on anything, first make up your mind on what you will be willing to give up. I am not saying that you should be prepared to give up everything because some prices are too high. For example, you would never want to trade the lives of your family for success. Nor would you want to sell your soul for a little bit of fame.

When you lock in on a price, it gives you the ability to know how much you should desire. If you are not willing to give up some TV, then you cannot expect to see a lot of success. TV is such a simple thing to give up. The fact that you won't give it up shows that you don't want what you want as bad as you make it seem.

  • What Is Your Price?
  • Understand What You're Willing Pay In Sacrifice First

How to Give Up More To Get What You Want ?

The best things to give up first are the things that are no brainers, but they need the most discipline. For example, everyone can understand why giving up sugar is a great idea. But to put it into play requires serious discipline. 

Always start with low hanging fruit like sugar. These are the behaviors you lean on that don't help you at all. There is never a day that you will look back on your life and say I wish:

  • I checked my phone more

  • Ate more sugar

  • Watched more TV

  • Wasted more time

By starting with the areas that make the most sense you get in the habit of making sacrifices. Once this becomes your norm, you can go after making some of the harder sacrifices. It's easy to give up things you know are not good, but its harder to give up something that you want.

  • Start With What Makes Sense
  • Stack Your Habits To Make Bigger Sacrifices 

Give Up Things That Help You To Get What You Want ?

Sacrifice reaches beyond giving up bad habits. Where sacrifice reaches another level is when you give up things that most people will not. When you sacrifice sleep, meals, or even family to get what you want, you understand real sacrifice.

I bet now I sound like a crazy person. Are we asking you to give up something as dear as a family? I am not telling you at all. What I am saying is that the higher you want to go, the more you must give up to get there and you have to decide on something.

You have to give up something that hurts for it to be a true sacrifice. If you have old leftovers in the fridge anyone can give that away, but can you give away that freshly boxed pizza that you brought home? I will show you what this looks like.

  • Sacrifices Are Going To Hurt

What I Had to Give Up To Be an Olympian ?

To be an Olympian, I gave up a lot in college. Looking back on it, I would get so frustrated because I wanted to be like everyone else, but I had a big dream for my life, so I knew I could not.

Here is what I gave up:

  • Money to buy products and get treatment to help me stay healthy

  • Hours researching how to stay healthy as a sprinter

  • Parties to sleep and recover for training

  • Alcohol to sleep better and improve for training

  • A girlfriend because the distraction became too much

  • Trips back to Toronto for Christmas and summer so I would stay focused

  • Poor eating habits

  • Friendships that I thought were not rooting or supporting me

  • To Be An Olympian You Have To Makes Major Sacrifices

What I Have Given Up For Habit Stacker ?

With entrepreneurship, the list has been much steeper than what I gave up to be an Olympian. The reason for this is because I was in college, so a lot of resources we're built to help. With entrepreneurship, it can feel like you against the world, and it can be so hard.

What I Have Consistently Given Up:

  • Sleep since I wake up at 3:10 AM to work

  • Friendships that don't understand

  • Financially stability

  • Family time because money gets invested in the business

  • Trips and vacations with my wife because money is invested

  • Fitting in

  • All breaks in general

  • Working a crappy job to be stable

  • Naps when I could keep my eyes open

  • Meals to save money and time

  • Time with my kids to work more

Is giving the things on the list up worth it? It's hard to say. You always look like a dummy when you start anything, but ten years down the road you begin looking smart. People begin to see the success accumulate and build on itself.

Make your list of things you give up as long as possible. The more you give up, the more that comes your way. When you give up meaningful things like time watching Tv, you find ways to fill it. The 3 AM challenge shows you the power of being up much before you need to do anything else in the day. 

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