I’m chilling in my house working on Habit Stacker, and my friend hits me up with a business proposition. I always have people throwing ideas at me, but I have learned the hard way not to jump at anything. Chasing after anything I thought sounded decent. I loved following fads to try and get rich.

My friend said that we had to get into the bitcoin game. Now I am sitting here like wait, one damn minute; this man can’t be serious. Why would Bitcoin be an excellent idea for either of us? We have not studied bitcoin; we don’t know anything about it or its history. Until this point, we didn’t even know how to buy bitcoin on paybis or mine it.  Nor are not deep into any of the financial markets; we don’t have any mentors in this area.

I brought up each of these concerns, and he said the line that has cost so many people. “I have a friend who made ______ (insert large attractive number here) from Bitcoin.

He said this is right when Bitcoin was hot and rising super fast and no one knew what was going to happen. Every second, a new bitcoin millionaire was buying his mom a Tesla. They did not do it following fads, they were passionate about cryptocurrency long before it was a popular. Its hard to live your best life when you are always just following trends. 

Let The Following Fads Money Go ?

I am taking this advice from Warren Buffett. A while ago, Buffett had the chance to invest in Amazon, and he didn’t. He was asked if he regretted it and he did not. Warren Buffett understands that other people have different talents and passions.

He invests in things that line up with his expertise and what he knows. He can crunch the numbers and see potential in investments. Tech companies are not that simple because they can often have high valuations, regardless of their revenues, so he does not invest in them.

I never forgot his message. You have to let some money get away sometimes. Focus on what you do well. There will always be a person making money doing something else.

  • That one guy made a gazillion dollars doing Mult level marketing.
  • This one dude I know is flipping houses
  • I know a guy who owns four strip clubs
  • Man I m going to start a restaurant because my Uncle is making bread
  • This one girl started a cleaning business, and she is making bread

Listen, let people make their money. There is nothing wrong with any of these businesses. But just because someone made money doing it, does not mean that it’s right for you to do. Elon Musk is sending Rockets to space, but that does not mean that you should as well. If you show an interest only because others do, you’re at risk of following fads.

  • Following Fads For Money Is A Fools Errand

Stick Within Your Talents and Passions to Live Your Best Life ?

Here is the right mix of things you should check off before you dive into anything.

  1. There is some natural talent
  2. I grew up around this
  3. Its what I wanted to do as a kid
  4. Stranger compliment me on this
  5. You have been working in this area

You don’t need to hit all five of these, but the more you have, the better. For example, when it comes to habits, I will show you how this worked for me.

  • Stay With Your Talents and Passions

How I Know Creating Habit Stacker is Not Following a Fad?

I have been building habits without knowing it since I started running track at age 7. I grew up around habits because my parents were both bodybuilders. Bodybuilders have some of the craziest habits out there.

As a child, I did not want to teach people how to have habits by any means, but I always would try to help people to be successful. I would tell people how to build habits without realizing it. Strangers have told me I was consistent and faithful to the process. I spent the last ten years trying to build better productivity habits.

  • Finding The Passion That Is Hiding In Plain Sight

Forget About the Next Man and Stop Following Fads?

Focus on what you do better than anyone else. If you have the talent, you need the passion as well. The passion is what allows you to cultivate your craft. If you’re a talented basketball player, but you don’t have the passion you will not practice as you should.

Most people know where they are gifted and what direction they want to head in life. What happens though is we let other people get in our heads. They tell us that we can’t make money doing certain things, they laugh at us, and make us doubt ourselves.

Forget about what the next man is doing and focus on you. Listen to yourself and chase the thing that you know was made for you. You can make money doing anything if you’re good at it.

  • Focus On Your Own Skills and Passions
  • Live Your Best Life

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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