“If I'm rich I'm a SECRET ADMIRER, But Since I'm poor...They call me a STALKER.”― Nitya Prakash. Here are 26 Stalker Quotes.

Stalker Quotes

1. “Are you stalking me, Mr. Fulton?" The idea both amused and horrified Jazz.”
 Barry Lyga

2. “She could feel him, glaring at her with a psychotic look in his eyes, taking pleasure in her suffering, using it to fuel his next move.”
― Arti Manani

3. “You're a stalker with hooves."
"I am not! I followed her to the Big House and hid in a bush and watched the whole thing.”
Rick Riordan

4. “The more dangerous psycho than a joker is a stalker”
― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

5. “I don't believe outstandingly beautiful and charismatic women create an obsession in what would otherwise be normal men, but rather they attract the weirdos and the stalkers; flames in the darkness that these disturbing people inhabit, unwittingly drawing them closer until they extinguish the very flame they were drawn to.”
― Rosamund Lupton

6. “At the touch of Love, everyone becomes a stalker.”
― Nitya Prakash

Stalker Quotes

7. “I sneaked out to his house a couple times in the middle of the night to watch over him while he slept, just in case, I don't know, his comic book collection decided to spontaneously combust. This was dumb and admittedly creepy in an Edward Cullen kind of way.”
― Cynthia Hand

8. “His lashes, fluttered like butterfly wings. "I could've made you happy, dove." "You did," I whispered”
― Ann Aguirre

9. “He was watching her and she knew it. She couldn't see him, she couldn't hear him, but he was there. She could feel him.”
― Arti Manani

10. “Fine, I'm a stalker, FINE.”
― Molly Ringle

11. “Don't play his game. Play yours.”
― Rachel Caine

12. “I cried for all of those things that should have just been for us...”
― Kate Chisman

Stalker Quotes

13. “Stalkers have an obsessive over-identification with their unwilling target but also a latent envy of their talents and/or beauty, If they can't possess the person totally, they will destroy the victim's qualities that they can never have.”
― Stewart Stafford

14. “These were the things we would never notice were missing.”
― Kate Chisman

15. “Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker”
― Stephenie Meyer

16. “He gazed into eyes the color of a summer morning sky and sighed. It felt as if his soul had just come home.”
― Grace Willows

17. “They act like you don’t exist but they’re paying close attention.”
― Nitya Prakash

18. “I turned to him and he reached for my hand. It would have been easier to walk away. But the wind still blew around us and the house still stood.”
― Kate Chisman

19. “For a guy who claimed not to be a stalker he sure knows the tricks of the trade.
Give up the Ghost”
― Megan Crewe

20. “Tell me again how you're not stalking me?”
― Molly Ringle

Stalker Quotes

21. “It's what you don't see that can take you out.”
― B. Davis Kroon

22. “Sometimes a night of over-eating leaves you hungry for something you can't name. An emptiness haunted me. An emptiness I didn't have a name for until I met Jeb. Now, I'm starving.”
― Kim Briggs

23. “I would be lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of the assignment. Here I am, a "troubled youth," and my self-chosen treatment is to become a stalker. Okay, not a stalker. Research Analyst.”
― Lindsey Leavitt

24. “Would it discourage a stalker from stalking if he knew that they knew?”
― Donna Lynn Hope

25. “Stalked your FB and followed you on IG
Liked your posts, commented tirelessly
Boy, I can go on with this endlessly
I like you too much. I know it's creepy.”
― Miss Rainbow Moonfire

26. “The dark sky seemed to swallow the moon, as Samantha stood alone on the deserted highway.”
― Grace Willows

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Best of Stalker Quotes

“I know you’re afraid of getting hurt, again,” Rick said as he gently took Angela’s hands in his. “I can’t predict your future. I’m just asking you if I can be a part of it.”
― Josephine Harwood
“Obsessively chases stars, but avoids being one... 'shine-riders'.”
― T.F. Hodge
“Come out, come out, wherever you are... come out, come out, or you'll end up in the tar...”
― Beatrice Rose Roberts

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