“Just because a person chooses to express themselves in an extreme way doesn't mean they have an extreme personality.”― Susane Colasant. Here are 41 Inspiring Being Different Quotes.

Being Different Quotes

1. “The only way for existence to survive is to create different forms of existence because same things will have same talents and different things will have different talents!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

2. “He couldn't imagine how lonely it must be for a child to be so profoundly different.”
― Dan Brown

3. “Equality doesn't start out in the workplace or even in society.
It starts in YOU!”
― Anthony T. Hincks

4. “Tis a miserable thing to turn a soul into something it is not. Perhaps it is one of life’s greatest misfortunes.”
― Ella Rose Carlos

5. “Being yourself is more important than being different.”
― Udai Yadla

6. “Better to embrace the discomfort of being different than the comfort of fitting in.”
― Ogwo David Emenike

7. “Being different was good, I liked it and I wouldn't change myself for anyone. Not ever.”
― Amanda James

8. “We are all different. We see things differently. The things I appreciate and value may not be the things you appreciate and value. Our beliefs might conflict. And even if we agree on much, we perceive the world differently.”
― Zamm Zamudio

9. “The stars don’t matter. How I get there does.”
― P.S. Scot

10.  “I knew I was different, but that didn't make me as human as anyone, or was I something else?”
― Leslye Walton

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Being Different Quotes

11. “Tell them a lie big enough, they'll worship you as a sage. Tell them a truth big enough and they'll mock you.”
― Abhijit Naskar

12. “Being different and thinking differently make a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable. It honors the unique minority the majority cannot forget.”
― Suzy Kassem

“13. Creative people have it hard. There is always something trapped in their noggins yearning to escape like a caged animal, both too free and wild to contain. Little does the world know it will often scrape the inner walls of the mind until it gets what it wants.”
― H.S. Crow

14. “Love your passion and let it pervade every pore of your being!”
― Avijeet Das

15. “So many people in the crowd and everyone is doing the same yet they have the forceful smile of belonging to the group. The realisation of being different and embracing self is lost.”
― Suyasha Subedi

16. “To choose not to be part of a team or religion does not make me non-religious; for my religion is Truth and I am very much in love with God. I do not need to align myself with a specific messenger if I already understand God’s message. And the way I think is not considered ‘New Age’, since common sense is not new. So long as you act and speak with love and truth in you, and are good to your fellow man — in that you treat everybody as you would want yourself to be treated, your heart will stand by God regardless of the label you have assigned to your mind.”
― Suzy Kassem

17. “...everybody wants to make a difference, but nobody is willing to be different.”
― Andy Andrews

18. “Like LaVey, I had a also discovered what happens when you say something powerful that makes people think. They become afraid of you, and they neutralize your message by giving you a label that is not open to interpretation-- as a fascist, a devil worshiper or an advocate of rape and violence.”
― Marilyn Manson

19. “Just remember this, Emma -- not every Jell-O salad turns out perfect. But it can still taste real good.”
― Elizabeth Atkinson, I, Emma Freke

20. “Great artists are a little too gifted to be bound by boxes and labels, and in saying that, the label 'artist' is to be used lightly.”
― Criss Jami

Being Different Quotes

21. “If ever it's necessary to ride the bandwagon, it's done with one leg swinging out and eyes scoping the fields.”
― Criss Jami

22. “Ordinary people are products of their environment and fit in. Artists transcend their environment and stand out.”
― Oliver Gaspirtz

23. “A truly good person will speak truth, act with truth, and stand for Truth. A truly good person is not afraid to think from their heart; therefore, allowing nonconformist decisions, viewpoints, and perspectives to lead their life. By following their heart, they stand with their conscience, and only with God.”
― Suzy Kassem

24. “To be successful, one has to be one of three bees - the queen bee, the hardest working bee, or the bee that does not fit in.”
― Suzy Kassem

25. “People felt themselves watching him even before they knew that there was anything different about him. His eyes made a person think that he heard things that no one else had ever heard, that he knew things no one had ever guessed before. He did not seem quite human.”
― Carson McCullers

26. “So what? You're another person, so of course you look different. What do you need to be ashamed for?”
― Yana Toboso

27. “So you're a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!”
― Mandy Hale

28. “I finally know the difference between pleasing and loving, obeying and respecting. It has taken me so many years to be okay with being different, and with being this alive, this intense. (xxvi)”
― Eve Ensler

29. “When you're the only sane person, you look like the only insane person.”
― Criss Jami

30. “Any regime or any government which motivates its own people to be different than one another is a good regime, is a good government! Encourage people to think differently, to act differently, and to believe in different things, otherwise you create just a herd of animals!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Being Different Quotes

31. “Being gifted means facing the next level of depth without ever being repulsed by the curse that comes with the magic of being different.”
― Curtis Tyrone Jones

32. “They call me a nerd
I pay no attention to that word,
But am I heard?
When I scream on top of my voice that I am in fact DIFFERENT?!”
― Kruthika Swaminathan

33. “Can't have a care when you unzip & bare the rare hieroglyphs from the archeological digs unearthed from those undiscovered inner layers.”
― Curtis Tyrone Jones

34. “People are more apt to respond to crisis, than to their dreams and vision. Dare not be one of them.”
― Ronald Mapamula

35. “I've a very simple yet powerful present for you the one reading this. - I LOVE YOU.”
― Nurudeen Ushawu

36. “About Differences: Those who would believe in a higher power by whatever name must also believe that same higher power made all things. On that basis, people of good character will recognize that some people are different from ourselves, in color, gender, speech, opinion, lifestyle, and in other ways. Different is not an evaluation. As I taught my children while they were growing up, "Different is only different." Celebrate differences for therein lies the basis for much of what we learn in life.”
― James Osborne

37. “Whom the society deems worthless, once they discover their special inclination, it will change the very course of their lives as well as the shape of the very society that distastes them.”
― Abhijit Naskar

38. “History honors the unique minority the majority cannot forget.”
― Suzy Kassem

39. “I know just what it's like to feel different from everyone else. And you know what? Being different can be pretty spelltacular!”
― Lisa Shea

40 “Bravery in a fictional character is one thing--it's easy to imagine and easy to write. Bravery in real life offers many challenges. We want to believe we will be brave if a situation requires us to. But if we over-think it, we will certainly fail. One simply needs to act toward the best possible result rather than to ponder all of the possibilities.”
― Susan Wingate

41. “Always refuse to be like the others! The more you become similar to the others the more you will be useless because there are already plenty of the others!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

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Best Being Different Quotes

“The empty spaces of your soul are the ones you search for, pray for and want so desperately to be filled. They are also the spaces that will never be filled, until you are ready to do something you have never done.”
― Shannon L. Alder
“To see something different gives you a chance to be something different!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan
“It It only when I am alone that I really feel connected to the entire universe.”
― Nurudeen Ushawu

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