Busta Rhymes Net Worth = $65 Million

Intro - Busta Rhymes Net Worth and Key Habits

Busta Rhymes built his net worth as a Rapper, singer, record producer, record executive and an actor. He got the name from Chuck D of Public Enemy. Busta is a legend known for his fast rapping tempo and crazy sense of fashion. He has been releasing music since 1996. 

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Busta Rhymes


Trevor Smith Jr.


Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See



Quotes - Busta Rhymes Net Worth and Key Habits

  • Hip-hop reflects the truth, and the problem is that hip-hop exposes a lot of the negative truth that society tries to conceal. - Busta Rhymes
  • You need to sweat yourself. - Busta Rhymes
  • You're gonna notice me when I come in. - Busta Rhymes
  • I have no trouble being a good dude because that's what I am. - Busta Rhymes
  • Habit #1 - Be Entertaining

    Busta Rhymes is one of the most unique rappers to ever live. The reason for this is because he is almost like a comedian when he raps. He makes funny songs and almost has a Jim Carey like demeanor. He is funny but still knows how to put together lyrics with impact that hit the listener hard. Busta Rhymes has a fan base because he is an entertaining rapper. You want to see him rap fast and make jokes all while putting on a great show. 

    Making it in music means that you need to be entertaining. You often can't just have one skill. There are a lot of people who can sing, but can you sing, dance, give great interviews and take great pictures? There is more to success than often meets the eye. Being entertaining is a huge factor because its an indication that people will watch you and follow you. 

    Habit #2 - Longevity

    Busta Rhymes has had 11 Grammy Nominations and he has been putting out hit songs since 1996. He has been killing the game for over 20 years and has found ways to remake himself and stay relevant as a rapper. Not many rappers can stay relevant for that long. Rapping tends to be dominated by youthful rappers because they can talk more about sex, drugs and money than an older rapper would want to. His longevity has done wonders for building his net worth. 

    Its one thing to become successful but its a whole new ball game to stay successful. Becoming successful takes work and focus but staying there requires even more because the money can make you complacent. Its hard to stay driven for decades and continue working hard. Focus on doing things that motivate you to stick with them for a long time. 

    Habit #3 - Switch It Up

    Busta Rhymes has made a name for himself because he has not followed the typical path with his music. Not only does he rap fast but he often does not even rap on beat. It takes skill to rap off beat and still make music that sounds great. As stated before he adds humor in his videos and lyrics on top of all of this. When you get to the final product you see a rapper that has constantly chosen to switch it up and find his own path and it has paid off. 

    There is a time to take the tried and proven path because there is no sense in reinventing the wheel. But you need to know when you have to change things up and do it differently. Sometimes standing out is the only way that you can succeed and that means that you have to do the things that most other people avoid doing. When you switch it up, you make it harder for other people to duplicate you. You end up building a moat around your success. 

    Summary - Busta Rhymes Net Worth and Key Habits


    Be Entertaining 




    Switch It Up 

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