Lil Pump Net Worth = $8 Million

Lil Pump is a rapper and song writer that is known for his tattoos, hair  and wild behavior. He is known to do a lot of drugs including weed, lean and many others. He is known for the song Gucci Gang that he released in 2017. He had been working on his rap since 2015 but that song was the one that put him on the map. 

The song peaked at number three on the billboards and since then he went on to release some other hot singles with rappers like Kanye West and Lil Wayne. His Debut Album is self-named and it had a song featured in Deadpool 2

Lil Pumps Parents come from Columbia but got a divorce, so his mom moved to Miami. He did not have an easy time in school. He was often in trouble and eventually was forced to drop out for behavior issues. 

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Lil Pump


Gazzy Garcia


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Quotes - Lil Pump Net Worth and Key Habits

My goal is to be the most ignorant, richest rapper I could be. - Lil Pump

We got rich lawyers... The best lawyers on the planet. - Lil Pump

I'm the best SoundCloud rapper. - Lil Pump

I grew up listening to a lot of Chief Keef, Lil B, all that. - Lil Pump

I want to be the biggest thing that's out because I'm different from everybody. I don't sound like nobody. - Lil Pump

"Pump' was my first song. - Lil Pump

I just do what I do. - Lil Pump

I don’t care about fame. Problems everywhere. - Lil Pump

Lil Pump Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Promote The Lifestyle 

Lil Pump is known for promoting the rich and famous lifestyle. He is always doing drugs, getting into trouble, sleeping with girls, getting tattoos and doing whatever he wants. This could be seen as a negative or a positive depending on who you talk to. Hate it or love it, the rapper knows how to attract eyeballs because he promotes all of the things that some people crave deep down. 

This habit is not for everyone if you are going to do it the same way as Lil Pump but you can gain a following by showing people the behind the scenes of your life. There is no reason to hide what you do at home if there are people who would love to know you better. Lil Pump has so many fans because he makes them feel like they know him. 

Habit #2 - Get a Catchy Beat 

There is no doubt that Lil Pump has a knack for rapping on some catchy beats. These days hip hop seems to be more about getting a crazy beat then it is about your lyrical skills. Instead of focusing on words that have an impact, he finds a beat people will like and puts his unique mumble style rap on it in a very catchy way. 

The Rapper would not be nearly as popular without these popular beats to carry him. You can hate what he is rapping about and what he represents but still love the vibe of his songs. 

Habit #3 - Own Your Own Look 

Lil Pump is a Columbian-American rapper, with colorful dreads, grillz in his mouth, and tattoos all over his neck and face. There is no getting this guy confused with other people. He is his own person and he has his own unique style to stand by. No one can be Lil Pump but him and that is why he has quickly rose to fame. He has given people all over the permission to be what they want to be and that is a very receptive message today. 

The best thing you can do is be who you really are. Not who you think other people want you to be. Stand tough and own what makes you unique. When you stand strong in that person no one can stop your success. 

Summary - Lil Pump Net Worth and Key Habits


Promote The Lifestyle 


Get a Catchy Beat 


Own Your Own Look

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