A lot of people today will look at couples and say that they are "goals," meaning that people aspire to be like them. Friendships are often forgotten. We underestimate the influence of our friends. Friends have a significant impact on our lives and decisions. You have to stop making excuses and make it a priority. 

Parents often overestimate their role vs. the role of their kid's friends. That can be a hard pill to swallow, but friends influence our choices. Friends help us decide who to date, where to go, who to talk to, what to wear, how to speak, and so much more. What you should be fighting for more than anything else is to have friendship goals.

You have big goals for your life, and you don't want to ruin that hanging with people who have no aim for their lives. It will not work, and they will most likely drag you down to their level.

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What Are Friendship Goals?

Friendship goals are the things that you should aspire for in your friend group. The list below only applies if you are aiming to be successful. If success is not essential to you, then you can hang with anyone you want because it will not make a difference.

Let high school serve as an example for your adult life. High school is a period of life filled with a lot of experimentation. Experimentation drugs, sex, new music, and dating can alter the direction of a life.

If you are going to have friendship goals, it means you have to be willing to let some people go. The toughest part about being selective with your friends ending bad relationships. You have to get over this. Stop making excuses to keep negativity in your life. 

You have big goals for your life, and you don't want to ruin that hanging with people who have no aim for their lives. It will not work, and they will most likely drag you down to their level.

Ask any adult, and they will tell you about a friend who they hung around that always drug them down. Some realize soon enough to get out of these situations before it becomes dangerous.

Others remain loyal to people who were never concerned with seeing them succeed. Here are the things you need for real friendship goals.

Bring Something to The Table

You ever had a potluck with a bunch of people who did not bring any food but expect to eat? It's the worst, even when there is more than enough food. These people think that they can get through life taking and never have to give, and it does not work that way.

If people want to eat at the table with you, they need to bring something of value. Too many people hang with people because they have known them for a long time. You want to start hanging around people that bring value to your life.

The value they bring can show up in many different ways. It can be as simple as someone you can have in-depth conversations with. In the least, your friends should be two things.

1. A positive influence

2. Encourage you to be better

The list of traits could go on and on. It is easy for people to look at this and say that it is selfish. It is not, and I will explain why. The thing that makes someone family is unconditional love. People do not love friends.

We become friends with someone because we like them. As we grow older, we become more focused on accomplishing things. If we know for a fact that someone we are friends with is holding us back from our purpose, we must do something.

The Push You Need to Grow

The push from a friend to be better is one of the essential things on this list. It is EASY to get sucked into hanging around people who never push you or challenge you.

Matter of fact, most people, hate facing a challenge. It makes life much harder when you always have someone reminding you that you can do more.

Look at the lives of those who are high, and you will see that they thrive during challenges. They know that having someone push them will help them get to the next level. The problem is that doing this does not feel good at all.

It can make you feel crappy. Average people avoid these situations because they want to feel good about themselves.

If you tell all your friends you are going out for a drink, and not one friend encourages you not to, you need new friends. If you are doing any behavior that can be destructive and not one friend helps you not to, that is a bad sign. You want friends who are willing to tell you the hard things that you may not want to hear. You want friends that encourage you to stop making excuses and get better. 

Similar Goals and Dreams

Most people will attract people who are like them and who have similar interests to them. The problem is that not everyone has goals or even a dream they are working towards.

If you have too many people in your life that are not focused on the long-term, it means they focus on the moment. Making short term choices is almost always a disaster for your long-term wants.

When I was in high school, I only hung around good track athletes that wanted to get scholarships. That is precisely what we did. The reason is that all us lived and breathed the goal together.

What dream are you and your friends breathing together? If there is not one, then in 5-10 years you will be in the same spot you are now. Life is funny like that; if you don't push forward, you make no progress.

When you have a circle of people around you inspired to be the best they can be, it changes you. It's not easy to slack off because you have hungry friends, and it keeps you on your toes.

Friends, You Can Lead

You need friends that recognize that you have strengths as well. You need opportunities to develop your leadership skills too. Having friends, you can lead does not mean that you have to lead all the time. Not at all, a matter of fact, you need to recognize their leadership abilities as well.

What it means is that you have friends that see your value and they listen to you. Point number one is that you bring something to the table, and what you bring is valuable in the eyes of your peers. You will not grow around people who see no value in you, and who only see you as the weak link. It will also destroy your confidence.

A good group of friends will encourage you to lead when it makes sense to. They will see that you have your superpowers and they will help you to grow in those powers. Even if they help you for selfish reasons, friends will know that if you grow, the entire team is stronger.

Vulnerability Leads to Friendship Goals

When it comes to friendship, vulnerability is rarely spoken about. People do not talk about vulnerability because it is rare in the social media world. Now, it is refreshing to act like you're living a beautiful life even when it is falling apart. Life has become all about putting on a show for our fake social media friends.

Vulnerability is more crucial than ever because you can't know someone without it. If you have a friend that is not vulnerable and you think you know them well, you don't! How could you? A huge part of who people are is their dark side. The person that comes out when life is falling apart.

Your friend group will grow much more when there is complete honesty. When people are honest about their past, it allows for deeper connections. All these things matter! You have to make sure that you are bringing your vulnerability to the table as well.

When there is a vulnerability with friends, the bond grows tighter. When friends struggle together, the relationship grows closer. As the friendship grows tighter, you learn how you can help and support each other.

How Can Habit Stacker Help With Friendship Goals?

One of the big things when it comes to aiming for friendship goals is having accountability. You are more likely to achieve a goal or to stick to habit when you have accountability. Habit Stacker has this accountability build right in. When you add a habit or a goal or comes with a commitment contract that you sign and send to a friend.


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