We all get 24 hours in a day but some people find a way to get extra life. It's a limit that we cannot change but the system can be gamed. The difference is that some people get more out of their 24 hours.

Think of it like a tube of toothpaste. Some people can squeeze every bit of toothpaste out where some throw it away with plenty left in the tube. Which type of person do you want to be?

You can get some extra life, but you're going to have to squeeze everything out of your life that you can get. You also need to love the power of habit and how it adds up over a long period. Before you know it you will increase your productivity and be living your best life. 

You can get some extra life, but you're going to have to squeeze everything out of your life that you can get. You also need to love the power of habit and how it adds up over a long period.

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Dominate Your Morning for Extra Life

The morning is where you can find all the extra life you need. The further you get into a day, the less control you have. By the time you get to the middle of your day, you have a million different people trying to pull you a million ways.

The way to get the extra life you is to get up earlier. There is no way to extend your 24 hours, but there is a way to get more out of it.

When you wake up earlier, the world is still quiet. If you are up at 5 AM, for example, there will be no one texting you. There is nothing worth check on social media, and you can focus on what you need to do.

This extra time in the day can be used for whatever you want to add fulfillment to your life. You can get a cup of tea and read a book. How about taking some time to meditate?

It's all fair game when it comes your morning because it belongs to you. The extra life you gain can be used how you want. Its in how you use that extra time that you increase your productivity. 

Many Days in One

I started getting up at 3:10 AM because of how powerful this is. The extra life became addicting. I started by getting up at 5 Am. That became 4 AM because I loved it so much.

I was gaining so much time that it felt like I was living multiple days in one. For some reason staying up late is not the same as going to bed early and waking up early.

From 3 in the morning to about 12 in one day. Then from 12 - 8 is like a whole new day. You gain so much extra life that you can live for two days in one day if you set your day up right.

The time in the morning is so productive. I can get four hours straight with no kids, wife, or distractions from my phone. What could you do with this extra time?

Sleeping In Kills Your Extra Life

When you start gaining extra life, you will not notice at first. At least not until you sleep in. The day you sleep you will realize how valuable that extra time.

If you start getting up at five, and then you sleep in until 10 AM, your day will vanish. The reason is that every hour in the morning that you are alone counts more like two hours.

If you can spend two hours alone, it will feel more like four hours. When you sleep in, you lose those double hours plus the regular hours.

You will feel the rush like you have so much to do in so little time. The problem is that everyone else is now up and nagging at you for your time.

You want to avoid sleeping in. That means you need to develop the discipline to go to sleep on time. The reason most people struggle with waking up early is that they struggle to get their butts into bed.

The same way you have a morning routine, you also need a nighttime routine. You should start to wind won for bed at the same time each day. You can do things like the following to prepare the body for sleep.

  • Read

  • Stretch

  • Watch some TV

  • Meditate

One Hour a Day Adds Up to A lot of Extra Life

Here is where this gets to be fun. There is a compound effect when you do the little things right over a long period. The beauty of habits is that at first, they don't seem like a big deal.

If they are positive habits, they can change your life. If you get up 1 hour earlier every single day for ten years, you get an extra 3,650 hours. That is a lot of extra life! It adds up to about 152 extra days. That is almost half a year of extra life. You lose one hour of sleep, but it's well worth it.

If you feel like time flies and you don't know where the days go. If you feel like there is not enough time in the day, there is no way to get more.

But there is a way to stretch out what you do have. By waking up a bit earlier every day, you can get the extra life you desire. This one decision helps you take back control of your life.

The Power of Habit

A habit can change your entire life. By changing bad habits like sleeping in, into good habits, you awaken a giant within your soul. Habits make your life easier, and the desired behaviors you want becoming automatic.

Someone who has the habit of working out does not need to think about working out. They don't assess their feelings to decide if they should. They do it because that is who they are.

How Habit Stacker Can Help You Get Some Extra Life

Habit Stacker provides resources to help you improve your habits. The first way we do this is through our online course Habit Mastery. The second way is with the Habit Stacker mobile app.

Olympian and founder of Habit Stacker Ian Warner, teaches the Habit Mastery course. He walks you through practical techniques that you can use to improve your life through your habits.

No fluff or non-sense! You get instant access to over 45 different videos breaking down how to build good habits and break bad ones.

The Habit Stacker app is what you use to live out your habits from day today. It's a habit tracker that lets you know what you need to do each day.

The app sets your daily routine board for you each day, so you all you have to do is get the task done at the top of the list. You can look back and see your streaks for each habit and keep them going to increase your productivity. 

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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