Most people don't understand that it's the little things that make the difference. The micro creates the macro. We see events and think they are random happenings when they are a series of smaller actions adding up. You get your 30 day success formula by first having a one day success formula. 

Habits are the actions we take on a daily basis without even thinking about it. After a while habits become who we are. If you have great habits it means they are in line with your goals. Every day you are able to get up and do thing things that help you. 

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 Examples of Events and The Actions That Lead to Them

Getting a Divorce  Actions 

  • Ignoring each other 
  • Lusting for others
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of quality time
  • Financial Fights

Getting Drafted to The NFL 

  • Early morning workouts
  • Injuries
  • Doubt
  • Fighting for a starting spot Third Example -

A Successful Career 

  • Building the right network
  • 80 hour weeks
  • Early mornings and Late Nights

It's The Little Things - The Micro Creates The Macro Events We Seek

You can't want to change the world without first changing yourself. You also cannot change yourself without first changing your days. The way you have a great year is by having one great day at a time. The best way to do that is to start every morning on fire for something.

The idea of getting up earlier makes some uncomfortable. They can't connect the dots back to what micro events become with consistency.

Waking up early is one example we will dig into. By getting up an hour earlier one may have time for all these things. 

  • Time to read the Bible each morning

  • Time to meditate 

  • Spend more time with the kids

  • Read 

  • Play video games

  • Time to think 

  • Eat a proper breakfast

  • Relax in the shower 

If you wake up two hours earlier you could take your time and do the entire list above. Each item on its own is not a big deal when done for a day. Imagine doing these habits every day for an entire year. Your life would look different from these micro changes. 

Waking up early, you start a train reaction of events. The problem is that bad habits tend to invite other bad habits. That's the reason you tend to see smoking and drinking fit together for example. Your aim is to kill your bad habits and replace them with good ones. Repeat small actions daily and you get amazing results.

It's the Little Things That Create The Event

The events a result of doing the right things on a daily basis. To grasp this, you have to start to love the process. The process is the day to day grind that can get old, boring and frustrating.  You often are not moving as fast as you would like to.

The events come and go. When you think back on them, the real fun comes from the grind and the day to day process. The micro daily events that you master is doing the things that 99% of people will not do. It's too hard, and it makes them too uncomfortable.

The ones who decide to be great though, they lean all the way into in the process. They know that you should NEVER wish for something more than you are willing to work for it! You need to have the vision and then go to work on it daily. Your 30 day success formula means you have to add up one day of good habits 30 times. 

Habits need to be the focus. Habits are the actions we take on a daily basis without even thinking about it. After a while habits become who we are. If you have great habits it means they are in line with your goals. Every day you are able to get up and do thing things that help you.

It's The Little Things But They Need Time

Never forget that habits need time. The reason most people don't stick with habits is that they want quick results. People start learning languages and forget how long it takes to learn a language. If you learn a new language for 20 minutes daily, you will get nowhere in a month.  Give it a year to three years and you will notice a huge difference. 

Time changes everything. We know this but we let our emotions get in the way. Our emotions want to chase after all the short -term gratifications of life. You have to be stronger than this. You need to activate your discipline and use a habit tracker to make sure you keep your habits on track. 

The Morning Will Set The Pace 

How you set up your morning can dictate how your day will go. It is not about getting up early, but getting up with enough time to enjoy your morning. If you wake up with enough time to wash up, eat quick and grab some coffee, you are not reaching your peak performance.

Starting the morning right means doing something to feed each area of your health. You need to do something for your physical, mental, and emotional health. You should do this before you leave your house or start giving your time to others. Burn out comes from giving to others and never taking the time to pour back into yourself.

Habit Stacker helps give you the accountability you need to wake up or stick with any habit. It's on you to start the day the way you want. If you can't wake up on time daily, then you won't be able to do the big things.

Small Wins Create Long-Term Success

We have to stop thinking of success like the lottery. You do not wake up one day and win out of luck. With success, there is always a behind the scenes, boring grind that most people do not see or care about. It's more fun to focus on wealth, buying new cars and houses than it is to talk about daily habits. One is an event, and the other is a process.

What things are you currently doing that don't make a big deal day today, but add up to a much larger success? If you cannot list anything, you are most likely hoping for a miracle. You have to make a change and learn to embrace the day to day process. It's the little things that make the difference. You get to your life mission, with a solid 30 day success formula that you repeat over and over again until you win. 

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