The problem you have is a lack of willpower to go after what you want. That is why you should depend on your habits. Taking cold showers is a habit that will shake up your whole life. From the time you are a baby, you come into this world knowing what you want. As you grow old, those desires change, but they do not weaken, but you convince yourself that you can't have it. You think you cannot have freedom, start that company, or do anything that is outside of the normal. You lack willpower and good habits! Both see improvement with cold showers.  If you read some of these famous quotes about habits, they will keep you inspired. 

Showers and sleep are two things people do to relax. Taking a nice, the warm shower feels so good, and it makes you feel so cozy. It's crazy to disrupt these routines because you KNOW that you will be out of your comfort zone.

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Why On Earth Would Anyone Take a Cold Shower or make my life harder?

Let's work backward for a second. A lot of times, you want to see a different world. You want the government to change. You want to see our city to be transformed. Would love if the school system improved, but don't want to improve ourselves. That is why all change starts within. You change yourself and your family before you can change the world. Don't miss that step!

Showers and sleep are two things people do to relax. Taking a nice, the warm shower feels so good, and it makes you feel so cozy. It's crazy to disrupt these routines because you KNOW that you will be out of your comfort zone.

There is no way to take a cold shower or wake up earlier and say you are comfortable doing so. It is impossible. These habits shock your system, and they never get easier over time.

The Cold Showers Change You

The cold shower is the most difficult of the two because the human body is not meant to be cold. Cold showers come with a massive list of benefits. From better sleep, weight loss, improved skin, and much more. All those are great, but the main advantage I want to focus on is your increased willpower, and the time it will save you.

If you spend 30 minutes having hot showers, that will come to an end when you start having cold showers. You will have a 3-minute shower at most. You will cut your showers down to the purpose of, and that is to clean your body off.

The willpower you gain is unreal. Nothing will make you feel more unstoppable than taking a cold shower. It builds your confidence and helps to show you how sharp your mind is. When you turn the water on, you will stand there because your account will do everything to make you not get in. The only way to win is to tell your mind to shut up and jump in, and when you do this, you grow leaps and bounds.

Success Often Feels Like Taking Cold Showers

The problem with deciding to take cold showers is that it is HARD every day! It never gets easy, and success is like that as well. You have to climb, grind, and fight each day, and then when you get to the top; you have to work twice as hard to stay there.

Cold showers prepare you for success by reminding that you will always have to do things that you don't want to. That feeling of getting in the cold water is like making that cold call. It will suck having to do it, but after you get it done, you will be able to feel the fast growth.

What Does Waking Up Early Have to Do With Success?

The problem with school is that it programs us from a young age to wake up as late as possible. Think about days when you did not have to be at school until an hour later because of a late start. You will see a bunch of students who forgot. They will complain that they got to school early because they could have slept more.

Don't trick yourself into believing that getting up earlier will hurt you. The truth is that the worst thing that can happen is having the start of your day controlled by others. Successful people realize this, and that is why they get up and get their day started on their terms.

Do What You Want to Do Each Morning

If you need to be somewhere at eight, don't wake up at seven so you have enough time to shower, shave, eat, and then drive there. That is a morning owned by the meeting or workplace.

Instead, you should get up at 5 or 6 o clock, so you have time to do any of the following things to get your day ready for success!

Habit Stacker can give you the accountability that you need to get up.

Do you see what waking up early does? It opens up possibilities that you did not have before. You might be thinking that you can do all these things in the night time and you could, but chances are you won't. It's never a good practice to give the most critical tasks the scrap time in your day. After you are tired from a day of work, you are likely to skip essential duties.

Habit Stacker allows you to add accountability partners to any of your habits. If you do not complete a habit, the app sends a notification to your accountability partners. It will give you the extra push you need to get things done. 

You Lose Control In The Evening

As time in the day goes on the chances of you losing control of time increases. Things come up and ruin your evening plans of working on that business. But in the morning most people are still sleeping. It's much harder to suffer from these random interruptions.

What you spend time on first also shows where your priorities are. If you rush out of the door without eating, spending time with family, then the priority of your life is work. Spend the first 30 minutes on social media than it is most likely that social media runs your life.

Once You Find Your Habits Like Cold Showers, You Can Change Anything About Your Life

Most people know that they need to eat better to lose weight, but they do not have the willpower to do it at the moment. They think the answer is more willpower when it's better habits. When you start to look around in life, you see that most people know when they are making bad decisions. They don't know how to change their habits. If you have good habits then without thinking about it, you will keep building your life up. 

When you start taking cold showers and waking up early, you change inside at your core. The very person you are becomes stronger and able to do so much more. There is no more straightforward way to challenge yourself than improving your habits.

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