"It is extremely gratifying to see success like exhibited by the founders of Instagram!"— Dan Pena. Here are 39 Best Instagram Quotes and Sayings.

Instagram Quotes

1. "Particularly Instagram, people look like they have a much better life than they really do. People basically seem like they are way better-looking than they really are, and they are way happier-seeming than they really are."— Elon Musk

2. "I don't do my own Instagram."— Young Thug

3. "I really don't like to tweet or Instagram anything about the people in my life just because I feel like I signed up for this, and I don't even know what this is yet. I do know that it could go anywhere, and I really don't want to sign other people in my life up for it without their permission or consent."— Bo Burnham

4. "It's insane how much press my Instagram will get. It's weird, in a way, that I can dictate the agenda - but I love being able to have a say in all of that."— Selena Gomez

5. "I feel like somebody who just is very understanding is my biggest thing - timing is a major issue for me - but also funny! Obviously I want someone really cute and fun and fresh for good Instagram pictures and that just makes me really happy."— James Charles

6. "If I'm going to see people, I won't wear heavy makeup. It's not attractive on me. When you see those pictures on my Instagram, they are usually for when I'm doing a photo shoot or an interview."— Kylie Jenner

7. "I've been bullied my whole life, whether it was about my peers or comments on Instagram or Twitter, whatever. And I never talked about my story, really. I feel like I've kind of accepted it because I realized that just comes with the territory."— Kylie Jenner

8. "I'm obsessed by Instagram."— Tyra Banks

9. "We usually think of improving our life by adding stuff - like more things, more success, more friends. I think the starting place should be removing stuff - try a month without Instagram; try a week without looking at fashion pictures. See how that affects your life, your friendships, and your ability to focus on other things."— Mark Manson

10. I'm on Instagram, and all my fans on my Instagram are basketball fans - like 90 percent."— JaVale McGee

Instagram Quotes

11. "On every single picture on my Instagram page, you'll find a negative comment. My supporters will normally stand up to that hateful person, and then it will become a big argument, and it's just a lot. I try to tell myself not to listen to the haters, and I try not to read the comments because it's not worth it."— Jazz Jennings

12. "Mostly for social media, Twitter or Instagram becomes so much more fun when you can be boastful and say whatever you want. You can be so full of yourself and ridiculous when you're a heel."— Becky Lynch

13. "If you really want to follow me and know what I'm doing, it's Instagram. You know which city I'm in and what I'm doing. It's almost in real time."— Chiara Ferragni

14. "I actually love Twitter and Instagram. I do think it's so strange to think that 20 years ago, people would never have known personal stuff about musicians and actors, but I like it. As long as I don't obsessively overshare, it's OK. And when I do overshare, it's just, like, me saying, I've got $7 in my bank account!"— Lorde

15. "My Instagram is all me. I like to keep it very personal, and I'd like to keep it that way. You don't really follow to see promotional things at all times. It's my connection with my fans."— Kendall Jenner

16. "We all have our vanities. The retouching magazines like 'Vogue' do is the professional version of the retouching we do when we, for example, apply Instagram filters to the pictures we take and share on our social networks."— Roxane Gay

17. "With social media now, everybody's faceless, but I assume these kids sending me pictures of myself of Instagram are twelve, thirteen years old."— Seth Rollins

18. "It's not all Instagram worthy!"— Busy Philipps

19. "I don't even know what Instagram is, All of this high-tech stuff is supposed to set us free and make life easier. To me, it makes it more difficult and demanding."— Jeff Bridges

20. "I don't think life is this Instagram fairy-tale everyone makes it out to be. Life is super heavy."— Ashlyn Harris

Instagram Quotes

21. "I have never joined the Facebook world because, to be truthful, social media scares me to death. It is kind of crazy how huge that world is, so I have never joined Facebook, but I do have Instagram and Twitter."— Bindi Irwin

22. "My true social media passion is making creepy short movies on Instagram."— Jenny Lewis

23. "Instagram is a blessing - I love to post about everything I'm doing. The explore page is magical."— Bozoma Saint John

24. "The interesting products out on the Internet today are not building new technologies. They're combining technologies. Instagram, for instance: Photos plus geolocation plus filters. Foursquare: restaurant reviews plus check-ins plus geo."— Jack Dorsey

25. "I shift between Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat probably 250 times a day, which probably isn't healthy, but I'm unfortunately addicted."— Justine Skye

26. "I've fully accepted the fact that if I'm going to do a career like this, I have to be willing to take criticism, because it's a part of the job, you know? Any Instagram thing I post, someone's going to say something. I know that. Anything on Twitter, someone's going to judge whatever I do, whatever I say, whatever I look like. I understand that."— Alexa Bliss

27. "I scroll through Instagram and Twitter, and whenever I see something that speaks to me, I take a screenshot to save it for red carpet inspiration. Sometimes, if I see an outfit I like on the street, I'll take a picture, too. References are so important."— Ally Brooke

28. "I'm fascinated with being able to travel the world via 'Instagram' and just be somewhere different."— Mike Krieger

29. "I glance through the pages of all the top magazines every month just to see if there are any colors that are trending. I'll also go on Instagram and look at the 'popular' page to see what people are liking, what's cool. I'll check it at different times of the day; for example, if it's really late in L.A., you'll see a lot of posts in Asia."— Michelle Phan

30. "I've seen so many people on Instagram lose all of their followers because they were doing constant collaborations. They were only getting paid $100 dollars per post. That doesn't make any sense."— Jake Paul

Instagram Quotes

31. "A key component of social media is 'following' - and no one is there to see what you have to say on Instagram or Twitter if they aren't motivated to follow you."— Dana Perino

32. "It's really cool to see how many people try to imitate me or wear my stuff. I get a lot of Instagram videos of people doing my entrance. I think that's so cool. To see the variety of people, little girls, guys, doing it. I never really thought that would happen. It's amazing."— Sasha Banks

33. "In the past, people have looked at photos as a record of memory. The focus has been on the past tense. With Instagram, the focus is on the present tense."— Kevin Systrom

34. "There are billions of dollars spent every year on traditional media. The majority of people are spending more time every day on the Internet, especially on mobile. You're starting to see a shift of that spend go to mobile, especially to things like 'Instagram'."— Kevin Systrom

35. "Instagram Direct is a really interesting feature because it's grown significantly since we launched it. People continue to use it to communicate more privately."— Kevin Systrom

36. "Our goal is to allow people to use whatever app they want to get photos into 'Instagram'."— Kevin Systrom

37. "Instagram is a media company. I think we're about visual media. I explain ourselves as a disruptive entertainment platform that enables communication through visual media. I don't think it's just photos."— Kevin Systrom

38. "I'm just being me on Instagram, and that's what I love about it. It's definitely personal, and it's, like, no one in my team would ever get my password for my Instagram. Like, that's a no-no."— Zara Larsson

39. "I love photographs. I love taking photographs. When I see something that's great, I want to capture that. You put it out there and on a place like Instagram you can put it there and review it later."— Reggie Watts


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Best Instagram Quotes

"It's definitely a good way to stay in touch with your fans. The main reason I really use Instagram is because I want to hear their thoughts and what would they like to happen and see if I can make that happen. Which is a really nice way of being in touch with them all around the world. "— Tom Holland
"Today, when you look at social media, you see that the narrative can be overtaken by people just from Twitter and Instagram. I know when Ferguson was going down those first few nights, I was watching feeds on the ground on Twitter, not CNN."— Ava DuVernay
"Instagram is my favorite! It's interactive and a fun way to stay connected to my friends, family and fans. I love posting photos from family trips, property visits, previews of my collections, everything!"— Ivanka Trump

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