Revenge is a waste of time. A lot of times when we seek revenge, it does not bring us the peace that we thought it would. This revenge does not have to do with the other person at all. Revenge is one of those words that seems to get your attention, though. Success is the best revenge because it gets you focused back on the mission you were working on.

How many times have you had a goal, only to have your moment derailed by someone trying to break you? There are always going to be people who don't believe — people who want to see you fail. The best way to get "revenge" is to ignore them and stay focused. If they say you can't the best thing you can do is do it anyway. If you want to know how to be more likable, seeking revenge is not at the top of that list. 

Success is the best revenge because it gets you focused back on the mission you were working on.

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Success Is The Best Revenge If You Stay Focused On Your Mission 

What you don't want to do is try and get rich or famous for proving others wrong, if not your original vision. If someone can doubt you and make you change direction, they win. Your goal is not to let anyone move you away from the tasks that God has put on your heart. 

I learned this the hard way. I spent a lot of years in college trying to prove people wrong. That was all that ran through my veins. The problem was that I lost sight of what I wanted and the path that would get me there. 

Instead of going to track practice and doing what I needed to do to succeed, I would over train. The results of over training are the same, you burn out or you get hurt. The doubters were right about me at that time, and I did not succeed.

How to Make Success The Best Revenge

Focus on your current tasks and not what you think will get back at others. I did not make the Olympic team until I understood this. I had to train every day in the best way possible. If that meant I needed to take a day off, then so be it. Forget the haters that said, I would not make it. I did not let that fuel me. 

I wanted to be an Olympian, and all my fuel came from that. There is a big difference! When what fuels you is someone's hate, it tends to bring you to a wrong place mentally. No different than any person with vengeance on their heart. They become blinded to the truth and what is the best situation. They only thing they know is that they want someone to pay. 

Success is The Best Revenge When You Can Look Back and Smile 

An excellent way to know if you have the right heart is by judging how you plan to act after victory. If you want to celebrate in the faces of all the people who doubted you, then you have the wrong idea. A healthy heart is someone who can love an enemy. They may have said horrible things about you, but you are the first one to go and shake their hand. 

It makes them look stupid, and it shines a bright light on your character. You are on top, and you have all the power to go hate and make them look dumb. Instead, you take the high road. Success is the best revenge because it puts you in a position to take the high road. 

When you can show someone that you are not bitter and that you went on to succeed anyway, it kills them inside. You leave them with a lesson they will never forget as you pour hot coals on their head. 

Remember But Don't Be Overcome 

You can forgive someone for doubting you or being mean, but it does not mean you need to forget. It makes your story that much better. Remember all the hate that has been dished in your name. The trick is never to be overcome by it. When you are overwhelmed by this hate, it has the power to consume you. 

Instead, be overcome with joy. It's not your typical advice. When someone talks bad about another person, we grant each other the right to be mad and sour about it. Instead, you should be happy that someone has given you something to prove to yourself. 

Without this fuel, you would not get to the level you have. We are entirely wrong about what an advantage or disadvantage is. You think that more money is the best until we see spoiled kids. You believe that people being negative about our dreams is terrible until it gives us the drive to keep pushing. 

The Right Motivation 

When the doubts of others motivate you, you have a temporary drive. That person doubted you yesterday, but what happens when they change their mind and love you? Then what will your drive be? 

When your motivation comes from within, you are not derailed. You can always control yourself. You can't control what other people say or do. If you attach your motivation to anything outside of yourself, the ride will be bumpy. 

When your motivation is from within, you want to prove yourself right. You don't care about their doubts. You are focused on becoming the best version of you. The person you were meant to be can shine. Learn how to be more likable and you will quickly understand that revenge has no place here. 

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