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Introduction to The Dallas Cowboys Top 3 Organizational Habits

The Dallas Cowboys go by the nickname "Americas Team," and they are the most valuable sports franchise in the world. Jerry Jones bought the team for $140M in 1989 and has down wonders of growing the organization into what it is today. Some essential habits make the fabric of the sports franchise that we can all learn from. The Cowboys were the 90s in the NFL like this team.

Jerry Jones is considered to be a pretty polarizing figure. The NFL Hall of Famer seems to either be loved or hated. There is no in-between with him. No matter where people stand, there is one thing that cannot be denied, and that is his business acumen. After buying the team in 1989 it only two a few years for the Cowboys to win back to back championships. 

There is a show on Amazon Prime called All or Nothing which does a great job highlighting the Dallas Cowboys and the business behind the team. If you have Amazon Prime Streaming, you should give it a watch. You understand the magnitude of the Dallas Cowboys facility and the business that we call pro sports. 


Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.
Tom Landry

Look up, get up, and don’t ever give up.
Michael Irvin

 I’m a strong believer that you practice like you play, little things make big things happen.
Tony Dorsett

More than any other sport, football is a team-oriented game.
Emmitt Smith

You wouldn’t want to see the size of the check that I would write if it would for sure get the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl.
Jerry Jones

Leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve.
Tom Landry

I don’t think I can fully explain what happens when you take on the role of quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Sometimes, I can’t even explain it to myself.
Troy Aikman

The Dallas Cowboys Top 3 Organizational Habits

#1 - Keep It In The Family

Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, but his children are throughout the organization, and they are raising their kids to do the same. His eldest son Stephen is the COO, Executive VP, and the director of player personnel. His daughter Charlotte is the Chief Brand Officer, and his Jr is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. His family runs the Dallas Cowboys, and there are no other executives. 

Jerry Jones knows that his family will keep his legacy alive long after he is dead. It also has allowed him to know who he is doing business with and be able to trust that his top people are all in. When you have a family business, there is a high level of trust, and everyone knows the expectations. 

Keeping things within the family has allowed Jerry Jones to stay complete control of his team. He is the general manager and is already way more involved with his team than most owners. Having his family involved in all aspects of the business helps him to keep his finger on everything happening. This is a habit because it will keep going generation to generation. 

#2 - Sell The Dream

Jerry Jones is a fantastic salesman, and that is the reason that the Cowboys are still Americas Team. The nickname was given to the Cowboys before Jerry Jones was involved, but he has done a fantastic job selling that dream. Every year people believe the Cowboys have a shot because Jerry Jones knows how to sell his football team. They have not won a Championship in over 20 years, but they are still the most valuable pro sports team in the world. 

He knows how to put buts in seats, sell TV rights, and do anything necessary to increase the value of his team. The media soaks up everything that the Dallas Cowboys do, and Jerry likes it that way. It keeps his team top of mind all off-season. 

Jerry also uses his great sales ability to get some of the best players to be long-time Cowboys. Here are some of the legends that he wooed towards his team. 

  • Emmitt Smith
  • Deon Sanders
  • Michael Irvin
  • Troy Aikman 
  • Moose Johnson
  • Larry Allen
  • Dez Bryant 
  • Darren Woodson
  • Terrell Owens
  • and plenty more...

He always had the flashiest players to keep the value of the franchise high. The Cowboys know how to sell the dream because of Jerry Jones. 

#3 -Go Big Or Go Home

The stadium that he build for the Dallas Cowboys is just insane. Everyone knows this! The Cowboys go so big though that they found a way to turn the Star into a money-making machine. Their indoor practice facility has seating in it so it can be rented out. The main stadium is the home of enormous College Football games and other events. They even thought about how it can be used as an urgent care facility.

They don't do anything halfway. When they built this, they built it to make sure that it would make them money in MANY different ways. Their sports franchise is not just thinking about winning Super Bowls. They want to succeed in every way possible. They use the Dallas Cowboys superior branding to make a pretty penny off of their name t every turn. The cowboys think big, and they teach us the value in thinking as significant as possible with our dreams. 




Jerry Jones Buys Team for $140M


Win Super Bowl


Win Back to Back Super Bowls


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Last Season at Iconic Texas Stadium


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Draft Ezekiel Elliot


22 Years Since Last Super Bowl

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Summary of The Dallas Cowboys Top 3 Organizational Habits


Keep It In The Family 


Always Be Selling


Think as Big as Possible 

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