There are many simple ways you can be more mindful. Let every situation be what is, instead of what you think it should be. Mindfulness isn't a luxury; it's a practice that trains your brain to be more efficient and fewer distractions with more focus. It minimizes stress and even helps you become your best self. Mindfulness is especially helpful when you don't have an organized personality. 

Let's face it, in today's society being present and mindful of your surroundings isn't something we think we should do. With running around, numerous meetings, children to take care of, everyday tasks pile up and you don't take the time you need to be mindful of what is around you truly.

Here are some tips to help you gain some mindfulness in a world full of chaos.

Mindfulness isn't a luxury; it's a practice that trains your brain to be more efficient and fewer distractions with more focus. It minimizes stress and even helps you become your best self.

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During Routine Activities Practice Mindfulness

Who would think that the saying "stop and smell the roses" actually meant something? The next time you are doing your regular activities like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, walking the dog, or simply listening to music. Zero in on the sight, sound, smell, taste of these activities. Hone in on little things; you will be surprised that these routine activities are a lot more interesting than you once thought.

Wake-up Being Mindful

Waking up and being aware of your mindfulness sets the tone for the day. This increases the likelihood of other mindful moments throughout the day. Routines are important, so sit, and drink your morning cup of coffee without touching the newspaper, throwing on the tv or looking at your phone. Enjoy the solitude of yourself, by yourself. Breathe and take it all in.

Wandering Mind - Let It Happen 

We all let our minds wander; it's a natural habit. Having a busy brain is an asset. For those of us that seem to have 1000 tabs open in our head that we try to navigate to and from, this is a good thing. This helps us steer in different directions and helps us focus on important things, and not so famous thing in a harmonious dance.

Creative Thinking 

Mindfulness practice boosts creative thinking, while engaging, and challenging the mind. This can help you go into a flow state that heightens and helps our consciousness be aware.

A lot of artists say that meditation has helped them access their most creative state of mind. Some of us, hate practicing quietly, and some of us need to be doing something. So, with that being said, try engaging in your favorite creative practice. It can be baking, doodling, singing in the shower, and you will more than likely see your racing brain turn into an excellent state of flow.

Be Mindful Of Your Mobile Device

I know this little thing is the cornerstone of us all lately. But for those who have been practicing mindfulness know when it is appropriate to look at your phone. When it is not. They set specific boundaries for use. It could be as simple as never making it a choice to grab the phone first thing in the morning or let it be the last thing they see before they go to bed.

I know that considering being unplugged for a day seems daunting, but sometimes it's essential. I feel that sometimes we lose touch with reality because we are too consumed with what Facebook or Instagram has been updating. Choosing one day a week to go unplugged can be something that can benefit a lot of us.

Seek Out New Experiences

New experiences can help us be in the now. It allows us to awaken our senses and to embrace pleasure and emotions. Stepping into the unknown can be an anxiety raising experience, but it is known that getting out of your comfort zone builds better interpersonal skills and allows for growth within ourselves. You can discover new ways to improve and develop more an organized personality. 

Don't Hide What You Are Feeling

Holding in your emotions doesn't do you any good, especially you. Don't get me wrong, mindfulness isn't about being happy all the time, however; it is about accepting the moment and feeling whatever we feel without trying to control it.

Negative emotions are encouraged because it's real raw emotion. Being in a constant state of "happy" can hinder and be counterproductive which leads to an unhealthy attitude towards negative emotions, and as I just said negative emotions are encouraged.

Staying even-keeled is so essential, allowing feelings to coexist is a critical component of remaining this way and with life's challenges every day it helps us cope.

Laugh At Yourself

Life has its way of giving us up and down moments. Choosing not to get wrapped up and carried away with constant emotions will be of great use to you. Laughter is the best medicine they say, so laugh!

A lot of our doubt comes from internalizing our thoughts and feelings. We dwell and worry on problems, but being able to have a sense of humor amidst the crazy will help you cope with scenarios better.

Your Physical Health Will Benefit From Mindfulness

It has been shown that being mindful can help with stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties. I mean I'm sure this alone is a great incentive to give you a boost to join practicing mindfulness.

Stay With It

Just like with anything in life, things don't happen overnight. I know that at times this process may not seem relaxing, but over time it provides the key to greater happiness and self-awareness as you become comfortable with a wide range of experiences.

Above all, mindfulness involves accepting whatever arises in your awareness of every moment. If your mind seems to wander let it, but remember to redirect it the present if you feel like the thoughts are veering way too off course.

If you miss some days of meditation don't beat yourself up for it. Just acknowledge and move on and schedule those days in advance. Make sure you try to keep a concise schedule and it will help you to develop an organized personality. 

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