At some point in their life, you will question if you are living on purpose. You know you're here on a mission, you don't know if you are living up to the hype. Are you doing the job you should be? Are you in the relationship that are made for you? Sometimes the weight of these different questions can paralyze you. Out of fear of making the wrong decision, you choose not to decide at all. Doing nothing is a choice, though, and it can be the wrong one if you want to live your best life. 

When you die, you want God to say, "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant." Then you want him to introduce you to the person who he made you to be. You want that person to be a clone of who you are. That is living life on purpose! It would be such a disappointment to get introduced to this person who you is foreign to you.  God has big plans for you, and he has made us all with a unique purpose. It is time that you start seeing ourselves how he sees you.

No matter how many times you fall, you must get up in a hurry. Everyone gets up at some point. Successful people get up right away, learn from their mistakes, and move on.

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Keep This Meeting In Mind To Live On Purpose

When you are making choices, you have to remember this future meeting. When you meet, how great will it be to know you lived life using up all your potential and talents? How many people do you think would be happy with whom they meet? This is the reason why I get people to focus on their habits. Our daily habits lead us to all the things we want in life.

I bet less than 2% of people even try to live up to their full potential. It requires too much sacrifice. When you live for today, you rarely are living for that future meeting.

When you eat crap, you are preparing to meet the best version of yourself that is thinner and healthier.

If you choose not to workout, you prepare to meet a person that has all these muscles you were not aware existed.

When you are selfish, you risk meeting a version of yourself that receives more love.

The moment you give in to your fear and doubts, you risk meeting a person that lived each day doing what they loved.

If you want that meeting to be successful, you must make choices that create long-term success. It is one of the hardest things you can do because the lure of what you want today can be significant. That is why less than 2% of people live their life on purpose. 

What Changes Can You Make Today To Live On Purpose?

You may be reading this and know right away that you are NOT living on purpose. You can feel yourself wasting your gifts and potential. The question then becomes what can you do to change that. What excuses can you throw out the window?

One thing that holds most people back in life is the need to pay bills. It's a horrible cycle you can get trapped in. You have debt and monthly bills, and not paying for them is scary, and it puts pressure on your shoulders. Under that pressure, you run out and get whatever job you can to feel safe and pay the bills.

The job pays you enough to live and spend but not enough for the freedom to thrive. What this does is allow you to rack up more bills and create more of a need to play it safe. You want to do something else for a living, but you can't stand the thought of missing a paycheck. You have to get your life back to being on purpose.

You Don't Know When This Meeting is

The meeting is already scheduled, but you don't know when. You may not have as much time as you think. You could be assuming that you have 50 years to clean up your act. What if you only have ten years to become that person? It means today is the day to get back on purpose!

You have to live with urgency. You don't have that much time. The sweet spot is about seven years. That is a short enough time to motivate you to do what you love, but it's not short enough to give up.

Every day you present different opportunities to make the most. You can get out of bed, or you can keep sleeping it away. Mind you that there is a time to rest, but there is also a time to grind. Too many people relax when they should be grinding because that meeting is coming soon.

Why Live an Unfulfilled Life? Go Live Your Best Life

There is nothing wrong with working a bad job if you remember it's temporary. Don't do something you hate without an exit strategy. You need a side hustle, or to be applying or working towards your dream.

The reason you do this is because of fear. Some people fail once, and that is enough for fear to control them for good. How sad is that?

No matter how many times you fall, you must get up in a hurry. Everyone gets up at some point. Successful people get up right away, learn from their mistakes, and move on.

There are two of the things that destroy future meetings more than anything else. The fear of criticism and the fear of poverty. These two powerful forces will have people doing the most illogical things.

The Fear of Criticism Prevents You From Living On Purpose

The fear of criticism is caring way too much about what other people think of you. You may want to be a musician, but someone has told you that there is no way you can make money. You get scared of standing out, failing, and having everyone laugh at you. A life on purpose could care less about what people think.

All this starts in your head. The truth is that no matter what you do, people will talk crap and run their mouths. You can play it safe and work at McDonald's, and people will clown on you. You can try and live your dream and experience the same criticism. People are going to talk regardless, so do what you want to do.

The Fear of Poverty Prevents You From Living On Purpose

Fearing poverty is weird because it is often the fear itself that can put you into poverty. A lot of times, the fear of poverty is as bad as seeming like you are in poverty. That is why you will see people who buy houses and cars that are well beyond their means. They are fearful that if they do not, they will look like they are poor.

The fear of poverty is often what holds dreams back because it makes people ask, " how can I make money doing that?" You should want to make money, but it should not always be the first thing you think about. It is easy to think of how you will make money when you have a job. When you are walking a path few people have walked, it's not as easy to figure out. Remember, people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who both lived great lives. They did not focus on how they would make money.

Prepare For Your Meeting

When you die, and you meet the person, God made you be that it is like you are getting introduced to yourself. The best thing you can do with your time here on earth is to live your life to the fullest. What would this world be without people like Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa? We need people who were bold enough to live on purpose.

You have an opportunity every single day to close the gap between who you are and who you were made to be. Take joy in that because there are people who are out of time. They left that meeting realizing how much more they could have done with their time here on earth. Focus today on using your talents and living your best life. 

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